Gotham: The Mask Episode Review!

Fight Club meets Gotham. Pretty much how I saw it only it was to the death.

Harvey and Gordon investigate a murder, only this one is different when the body contains office supplies in the wounds. During an autopsy, the victim was holding a business card to a prestige company. Harvey and Gordon investigate only to notice that the workers have injuries, such as black eyes, scratches etc. Gordon confronts the owner of the company, which was cool to see him play bad cop and just have Harvey in the corner.


With more digging into the company and the owner, they learned that 4 other victims with the same wounds as the first. Gordon finds the building where the victims were killed, only to have walked right into the ring of the fight.

Three cages with three men are locked in, are suddenly open and the owner of the company announces that if the three men kill officer Gordon then they would get the job they applied.



Think of the next time you go in for an interview.

We get Bruce into turning into Batman in this episode. Bruce is forced to return to school and of course as most heros go he’s becomes a target to bullying. This kid is a total psychopath in the making! The bully asks Bruce is he saw his parents guts when they were murdered…could we get a counselor on this kid ASAP!

Bruce snaps and tells Alfred. Alfred takes it upon himself to let Bruce release some of that anger on little bastard. Bruce reveals that he enjoyed beating up the bully and asks Alfred to teach him how to fight.

Gordon and three men fight! Gordon takes them all out, only to have the owner walk out and fight him…with a samurai sword.

Back at the station Harvey gets a taste of what Gordon had to deal with. Since Gordon’s failed attempt of killing Penguin under the order of Falcone, the entire police squad has been ignoring Gordon. Harvey asks for help from some of the squad, only to be rejected because of his partner. Harvey then snaps and says Gordon did what none of them do…the right thing. Suddenly the entire station help Harvey in locating Gordon.

Gordon takes out the owner, only to a point of unconsciousness, when two members of the police squad show up.

I’ve said this before and I’ll continue to say this, Gotham is a mini movie each week! Each week something crazy happens and you can’t help but think of Gordon as Batman because that’s exactly how Batman who act.

Don’t forget to watch Gotham every Monday at 8pm on FOX



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