The Sleepwalkers Book Review

I have come to realize that when reading a book sometimes it isn’t the urge to continue reading and ignore the world around you that makes the book good, but one that sticks with you after it ends. That is a true success in the author.
I was expecting to be at least a little frighten, based the on summary, and sadly I wasn’t…until I finished.
I turned off my tablet, which is how

I read it, and was preparing to go to sleep. Turned off my side table lamp, snuggled into my blanket and awaited the sleep to arrive. It didn’t. I found myself wide awake, despite my tired bones from a long day, and thoughts of The Sleepwalkers running through my head. Before I get into more detail of what exactly kept me up at night let me review it.

Caleb is celebrating graduating high school with his friends and parents. Caleb is seeking a career as a journalist and traveling to Africa to write about AIDS and starvation. Caleb knows his choice is rather ambitious, especially compared to his best friend Bean, who is known to be a goofy ball. With his career choice you would think people might stay clear of him, yet his popularity wasn’t affected by it.

Suddenly Caleb finds a letter from his childhood friend from his hometown of Florida, asking for help. Caleb, being the good guy, gets on a plane and investigates what his childhood friend is talking about. His best friend Bean decides to tag along only to find out that Caleb might be biting more than he can chew.

Caleb hasn’t been in his hometown since he was 8 years old and his parent divorce. Trying to locate his father, who he hasn’t talked to since he was a child, and realizing that he has gone missing. Not being able to find his dad, Caleb decides to look for the owner of the letter, his childhood friend Christine.

His childhood always consisted of himself, who was known as Billy instead of Caleb, Christine and her twin sister Anna. Everything changed when Caleb/Billy dared Anna to enter an abandoned asylum only to be taken from a shadow. Her body was never found. Caleb, reliving that horrible night, is more determined to help in whatever Christine is in.

Bean and Caleb learned that Christine has been place in the now running Asylum, placed there by her “witch of the town” mother. The sessions between Christine and the “director” are extremely disturbing and chilling. Caleb then starts to hear Anna on the radio telling him that he needs to be the hero before the devil wakes up.

The story started out slow but when it picked up it really got your attention. Even though it was meant to be a horror book, I enjoyed the humor between Bean and Caleb. It sort of balanced it out.

The story was interesting and I enjoyed it…up until the end. Spirits, satan worshipers and teens being brain washed into monsters or “sleepwalkers” who kill on command, left me uncomfortable when I was ready to fall asleep. Definitely left me wanting to pray even harder which I guess is a good bonus. All things considered, the book was well written because it left you inside the book long after you’ve put it away. Every book readers wet dream!

The Sleepwalkers by J. Gabriel Gates


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