The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1 Movie Review!


Thursday night, as expected, was EPIC!

We see that the games have really destroyed Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) emotionally and psychologically.
Katniss and Finnick are trying to keep it together, knowing Peeta and Anne, Finnick’s girlfriend, are both in the hands of President Snow.

President Coin, president of District 13, is determined to end the war with the Capitol and give back the districts their freedom. Coin and Heavensbee work together to make that happen with the help of Katniss. They ask Katniss to create propagandas and show the districts she is fighting against Snow and the Capitol.

Not only does Katniss have to convince the people she’s fighting for them but she has to look the part, which brings to Effie. Effie, for the last two movies, has been responsible for giving Katniss tools, like speeches, to appear more likable. I loved that they showed Effie in the same robes as the rest of District 13. I loved that because it showed you that even the rich suffered.

Katniss is hesitant to work with Coin and Heavensbee because she holds Heavensbee and Haymitch for abandoning Peeta. Katniss is sent to District 12, or what’s left of it, and gives Katniss motivation to continue being the Mockingjay.

Mockingjay is very different to The Hunger games and Catching Fire, it focuses on emotions and the effects of Peeta and Annie being captured. Katniss dreams of Peeta being with her, which causes her to scream and in results to sleepless nights. Finnick has the similar reactions, although we don’t see it, his appearance is very hollow.

Just as Katniss prepares to fight back they receive videos of Caesar interviewing a very alive Peeta. In the videos Peeta tells him that Katniss wouldn’t want war and speaks directly to Katniss begging to stop. Katniss is convince that the capitol has brainwashed Peeta into thinking something different. After time goes on videos continue of Peeta and Caesar, only Peeta begins to look sick and skinnier. Katniss is destroyed to see him so beaten and begs to Haymitch that they must save him before it’s too late.

A search team go out to find not only Peeta but the rest of the tributes, Johanna and Annie. and bring them to District 13. However, what happens when they rescued them isn’t what they were expecting. Katniss sees Peeta closer to death than a living person, and just as she’s about to embrace him Peeta attacks her. Peeta chokes Katniss into unconsciousness. When Katniss awakes she learns that Peeta was brainwashes alright, however he was created into a weapon. Peeta now believes Katniss is the enemy.

As a huge fan of the book series I can say that the movies was EXACTLY how I pictured it. The pain and suffering of Katniss and Peeta’s brainwash scenes were amazing! How great was the movie? Well I cried from beginning to end! Why? Because not only did the capture the true emotions of their characters but the entire story was dead on to the books.

Mockingjay was beautifully done and the actors definitely out did themselves.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay pt.2 is set to release November 20, 2015


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