Star Wars: Episode VII Rewind Teaser Trailer!

I’ve never done a rewind trailer post before but…IT’S STAR WARS! Since I’ve seen it about 52 times I thought, why not going into details of how FREAKIN AWESOME IT WAS!

So JJ Abrams release the teaser trailer this morning and I’m pretty sure every fanboy and fangirl squealed as most girl squeal for Channing Tatum stripping.

The trailer starts and it shows us Tatooine, and we hear an unidentified narrator saying, “There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?”

Suddenly John Boyega’s character pops into the shot wearing a Stormtrooper uniform. Now, this DOESN’T mean he’s going to be playing a bad guy in the movie, because if you go back to Star Wars: Episode 4 A New Hope (1977) Luke used the Stormtrooper uniform to sneak pass the rest of the Stormtroopers. Based on his expression, it seems he was just in a battle and is lost. He might just be a good guy.

The next scene shows us a droid, speeding off somewhere. This is definitely a new character that I can’t wait to see. It’s like a baby R2D2!

Then we see them…Stormtroopers, and their preparing for war! What I loved about this scene is the feel of it. You feel the seriousness in just the shots of their faces. Another thing to point out is there helmets. The same design from the originals only they twitched it a little.

We get another glimpse of another character, who I think is Han Solo’s and Princess Leia’s daughter. Daisy Ridley is wearing another similar outfit from the originals, Episode 6 to be exact, worn by Carrie Fisher

As to the speeder she’s driving, is a lot bulkier but doesn’t seem to slow her down. In this quick scene, she looks back as if she’s checking to see if anyone is following her and then speeds off.

The third character shown is a X-wing pilot, played by Oscar Isaac. GREAT scene!

Then we see the view from the outside, and the full scale X-wings! Not sure what planet they’re on but with these many X-wings, it means it’s about to go down.

THIS SCENE WAS WHAT MADE MY HEART RACE 100MPH! We see the back of someone walking into a snowy forest, and stops…sticks out a red light saber…with two extra on the side! I love the new design because Darth Maul can’t be the only bad ass villain with a double light saber.

Just as he is about to take out his light saber we hear the voice again saying, “the dark side and the light…”


THE MILLENNIUM FALCON soars through the sky and that, THAT IS WHERE I JUMPED UP AND SCREAMED! We see Starfighters shooting at it and it’s just passes then like nothing!

Then it end with the title and by that point you can’t wrap your head around the AWESOMENESS that you’ve just watched. I honestly didn’t know what to expect but one thing I knew, I was going to be blown away and taken back to 1999, the first time I watch Star Wars: Episode 1 with my brother. Since then I watched the originals from 1977 and have been a fangirl ever since! JJ Abrams is not only a great director but my faith in him recreating Star Wars is knowing he’s a fanboy too.

Just as I did for Episode 3- The Revenge of the Sith, balled my eyes out, this will be no different.

December 18, 2015 Star Wars release it will!



One thought on “Star Wars: Episode VII Rewind Teaser Trailer!

  1. Jim says:

    Did you notice Daisy’s speeder has some sort of black weapon (staff, or long gun) attached to the side when she starts it, but is gone when she is driving off? Could JJ actually be that lazy with the consistency between real life shots and CG?

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