Replacement Book Review!

The summary caught my attention, unfortunately the story wan’t as interesting as the summary. Page after page I was waiting for the story to grab me as other stories have, but it just fell short.

Gentry is a small town where children are taken and are replaced by replica that isn’t quite “human.” Mackie is one of them. Mackie knew he was different and so does his family, but in the town, they aren’t allowed to talk about it. Everything moves on and yes your child is replaced by a something that looks like your child but they act and sound different. Pretty twisted.

When I read the summary I was immediately intrigued by it. To have a town act as if nothing unusual happens to the children and have your child be in pain when they come in contact to anything steel. I wasn’t expecting to be swept off my feet in this fantasy/horror story, but what I got was a dull tone through the whole thing.

Mackie is the main character but the one character that stood out more was his best friend Roswell. His best friend who no matter what follows through for him and always manages to bring his spirits up, you know because he’s technically not human and that can bring people down.

The romance between Mackie and Tate wasn’t very romantic and it just seemed like the characters were just made to make out to say that the book had romance.

I’m very disappointed but the concept of it is honestly awesome, but for me, it wasn’t matched to it’s potential. I’ve read others say the enjoyed this book, and that’s great! For me however it was difficult to finish, but I made myself do it for the sake of saying I’ve read it.

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