The Walking Dead: Coda Episode Review!


If you haven’t watched it, I’m warning you right now, HUGE SPOILER IN THIS REVIEW!

With season finales or even Midseason finales, the writers take this opportunity to RIP OUT OUR HEARTS! More than half of the group, Rick, Daryl, Sasha, Tyreese, and now Noah, have taken three hostages from the hospital who have Beth and now Carol. Rick and the group decide to try to conduct a negotiation with a trade. Things didn’t go to plan when one of the cops attacks Sasha and runs off. CLEARLY, he isn’t aware who he’s messing with. Rick hits him with a police car, which in his defense Rick did tell him to stop. Which he didn’t. Thinking of the safety of his group Rick takes out Bob the second.

The group take the two cops left and arrive to the hospital and ask for Beth and Carol.

Back to the church with Michonne, Carl, Father Gabriel and Baby Judith, Gabriel had run off, weaponless, and finds Bob’s leg that the Termites had cut, cooked and eaten on a fire grill. Gabriel is shocked that the massacre that was taken place inside the church wasn’t for no reason. A group of walkers start to chase Gabriel, and he runs towards the church…bring the group of walkers with him.

I loved the irony in this episode! Gabriel had revealed that he had locked up the church and chose not to save people who begged for help. With that it explains the writing on the outside of the church, ” You will burn for this,” in the reference of his selfishness. Gabriel running back to the church and being locked out was awesome! Karma is a bitch Father!

Gabriel then yells out for Michonne and Carl, who then rush over and help him. Once inside they realize that the doors won’t hold off so many walkers, and head inside the room Gabriel had escape from. Michonne, Carl and baby Judith escape with, shockingly Gabriel’s help, using his escape route.

Once out they see just how many walkers are truly out there and try to figure out a way to stay alive, just then a fire truck crashes in. Inside is non-other than Glenn, Maggie, Tara, Rosita, Abraham and unconscious Eugene. With a quick reunion Michonne informs that the rest of the group gave found Beth. Maggie is relieved and breaks down with joy. The group then decide to head over to the hospital to help Rick and the others.

Back at the hospital Rick and the group enter with the two cop hostages and are faced to face with Dawn and her followers. Dawn orders one trade at a time and Rick accepts. Rick gets Carol and then Beth safely away and just as they are about to walk away Dawn asks for Noah.

Rick refuses and tells her he is a free man and Noah has the right to leave. Dawn informs Rick that if they don’t give her Noah and then deal is off. Rick and Daryl are about to fight her when noble Noah steps up and says he is willing to go to her. Beth rushes to him and hugs him for that only being her only friend in the hospital but for being the one that brought her group back to rescue her. Dawn whispers to Noah that she knew he would return and Beth steps up to her and says, ” I get it now.” Using a pair of scissors she stabs Dawn in the shoulder and Dawn fires her gun right on Beth’s head.


Immediately Daryl shoots Dawn! Now, the death in it self was heart breaking because it’s Beth, but Daryl’s reaction was definitely a even more heart wrenching feeling. One of the cops, who was one of the Rick’s hostages, begs them to let them live and leave.

If we were depressed already, IT GETS WORSE! The other group arrives and Maggie walks up to the hospital, anxious to see her sister and sees Daryl holding Beth’s lifeless body. Maggie breaks down in tears to see that her sister, a sister she just found out was alive, has been killed. You see Daryl holding Beth and is ready to just fall down right along side Maggie.


I couldn’t believe that Beth was killed off and I have no idea on how the second part of the season will start. One thing for sure is Daryl would not be the same because of her death.

Who would have that the same Beth, the one who was ready to end her life, would have such an impact. I loved her and along side the ones who have died on the show before her, she will be deeply missed!

The Walking Dead returns February 8, 2015

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