Forever Book Review!

Boy was I completely wrong about this book! Reading about a book that was “a head of it’s time” and was “controversial” you can’t help but have high hopes.

Did it exceed my exceptions? Absolutely NOT.

Let my give the short summary of what I read when researching Forever. Katherine and Michael met at a New Years Ever party and have instant chemistry. Once start dating they take their relationship to a physical one. Katherine’s parents believe that she and Michael are too young to plan out their futures based on their love. The parents put their love to the test and send Katherine away so the summer after graduation, as well as Michael’s.

Your typical teen love story, right. Well, having it released in 1975 and with explicit sexual scenes, the world made Judy Blume a best- loved writer ever published. I was immediately intrigued with the story summary, with the known fact and the respond of readers.

If it was so well received then why didn’t I enjoy it?

I’ve given that question a lot of thought, which is one of the reasons why I’m now reviewing it now and not when I finished.

I understand that their teenagers and I will commend Ms. Judy Blume on taking me back to my adolescences. The conversations Kath and Michael had with each other was so stupid and corny, yet that’s exactly how I use to talk to by middle school boyfriend on my flip phone long after my parents went to bed. Having that flash back didn’t sit well with me.

I will say I’m glad parents aren’t as trusting as Kath’s parents were with her having her boyfriend in a room away from the house. OH HELL NO!! Although, our teen pregnancy doesn’t show how much we’ve improved since the 70s.

I’ve had my share of teen romance books but this book annoyed me. Sex is a huge thing for teens and the overwhelming of it all does make anyone make decisions based on their partners say then their own. This book might help teens, which is a plus! However, as a 23 year old who loves romance this wasn’t a book that left a good impression.

Now, I know I’ve said this before but I’ll continue to say it. NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER and NEVER BASE YOUR READING CHOICE ON SOMEONE’S REVIEW.

“No two persons ever read the same book”- Edmund Wilson





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