What Did 2014 Bring?

Did we even have 2014? It seems like it flashed by so fast that I can’t believe we’re already in 2015. 2014 went by so ridiculously fast there was no way was there something worth mentioning on a post. Little did I know, 2014 was actually very impressive.

Entering 2015 with high expectations of what will come throughout the year, I wanted to travel back into 2014 to give it a proper good-bye!


I started the year off with a film I’ve been dying to see. Since reading the classic tale of Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier last year, I’ve been eager to see the film adaption from the 1940s.



With the film adaption ready to be release I was determined to finish the 6 book series before then. Not being able to put them down, the mission was accomplished!


February 7th Vampire Academy adaption was released

The second episode of the Telltale games The Wolf Among Us was released and I was beyond eager to sit down and play it!


Began a new series based on the fact that the movie was ready to release. I tend to try to read the book or books before I go see the movie.

Divergent, 3 book series

Divergent starring Shailene Woodley and Theo James brought us the adaption of Divergent series by Veronica Roth.


April started out FANTASTIC! I BOUGHT MYSELF A DISNEYLAND PASS! As a hardcore Disney lover, this was a highlight for the year! I managed to sneak in my 4 year old niece because paying $90 extra for her and her still not being able to get on more than half of the rides, was just ridiculous! 


April Fools on my poor mother! Little back story! My mother HATES tattoos! With that in mind what better prank that to make her believe that I, her baby daughter, went behind her back and got the one thing she despises! I asked my good friend and make-up Artist Brittany (check out her work https://brittanymademepretty.wordpress.com/) to create a realistic tattoo and it looked awesome. I arrived home and made my acting debut! SHE TOTALLY FREAKED and just as she was about to cry I screamed APRIL FOOLS! Yeah, I’m lucky to be alive…

Captain America: The Winter Soldier! Marvel brought us another Marvel movie and BLEW EVERYONE AWAY! When Marvel and DC release movies I’m as eager as teenage girls ready to hear One Direction for the millionth time!

Game of Thrones- The Red Wedding was one of the MOST SHOCKING EPISODES I HAVE EVER WITNESSED! I still remember watching it with my brother, & sister-in law and having what could only be describe as a FUCKIN HEART ATTACK! This was definitely the episode where you really choose who could watch the show. Before I would tell everyone to watch it, but since this episode I found myself stopping myself and thinking “ummm, yeah I don’t think this show is for you.”


My brother introduced me to, Girls by The Luna Brothers, 24 issues and each as intriguing as the last. I was amazed as to how great and crazy these comics were.

Pretty sure the internet was insane because of this picture! After so many facts, theories and just all over obsessions of every comic book fan, were excited for Batman vs. Superman. Sure we wanted to see the movie but more than most we just wanted to see Ben Affleck in the Batman suit! Zack Snyder released THE PICTURE! My faith in Affleck was definitely lifted after this picture.


I had my share of fanfiction reading but I was hooked on Draco and Hermione fanfiction when I read Hunted by Bex-chan

I finally received the last book of The Mortal Instruments:City of Heavenly Fire. Not only was I able to continue the story, we’ve been waiting for a year for, but my copy was signed by the author herself.


Anyone that knows me knows I’m obsessed with Harry Potter! Knowing that, when I found out you could order a Butterbeer, Harry Potter drink, at Starbucks, well you know I had to try it!


Back in the 90s shows where meant to not only entertain but have life lessons. Boy Meets World was one of those shows and one that I can still sit down and watch. When they announced Girl Meets World, Cory and Topanga’s daughter’s point of view, I was over the moon!

After about 3 years, my tablet passed on to technology heaven. I researched and with the help of my brother, who is a technology expect, I found a new laptop/tablet! HP Split from Windows! It was so beautiful and guess what I named it…Hermione! That’s right! My laptop is a she and her name is Harry Potter’s bestfriend Hermione, who is also one of my favorite characters in the series!


Millions of moms, daughters, teens, grandmothers and pretty much every female screamed their bloody heads off, INCLUDING MYSELF…the release of the much anticipated trailer to Fifty Shades of Grey!


I try not to get into a new tv series because I already have too many to watch. However, Hemlock Grove was talked about so much that I had no choice then to check it out. Glad I did! Bad ass show!

I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who since 2009 when Christopher Eccleston was The Doctor. Since then two other Doctors were cast and I ended up loving both. When Peter Capaldi was cast I was pissed but when the show premiered I was dumbfounded.

Marvel can do no wrong! I knew, based on the trailer, that this movie was going to be awesome! Sure enough it was!

Donated blood for the first time! I hate HATE needles! My Mother donates blood every couple weeks or months and always asks if I would donate with her. Of course, I want to donate because of the good it would do, yet my fear was too strong to face. I finally managed to do it! It was scary yet rewarding!

Sadly we lost a great actor/comedian Robin Williams, a man that was a huge part of my childhood, as I’m sure like a lot of people. In honor of his passing I reviewed one of the movies that was what I consider pure genius!

My sister is OBSESSED with Beyonce, and who can blame her, she’s freakin incredible! Beyonce and her husband rapper Jay-Z announced that they would be touring together, well my sister went bananas! I was lucky enough to score a ticket with her and her boyfriend to one of the best tours I’ve seen! On The Run was spectacular and one that I watch constantly on HBO GO!

Got hooked on Bitten! I try to not get into new shows because well, I have too many to watch already. However, Bitten was recorded on my DVR for a while and I finally sat down and watch it. I was instantly hook and got a friend on mine hooked too!

My sister and I are hairstylist, her being way more talented than I am, work at the same salon. Having moved to a different salon with 6 of the other girls from our previous salon join us, we were blessed for the great spot. However, the owner surprised us with a cruise trip to Ensenada, Mexico! It was definitely a group bonding experience and one I won’t forget.

Geekess turned 2! I can’t believe it! Seems like yesterday I was just talking to clients and my family about my obsessions with books, movies and tv shows and now my blog of all those things is 2 years old. This was meant for other to check out some of the things I enjoy and maybe get a reader or two out of it. What I learned is that it made me a better writer, researcher and just expand my love for it!

Geekess is verified on Pinterest! Since I’m on Pinterest all the time, I thought why not connect my blog with it. Every review and photos I upload on here were added on pinterest and better…it’s now verified!

Gotham premieres! I was very excited to see Gotham, the origin story of the city, James Gordon, before he was commissioner, and the rest of the DC characters. It turned out better than I expected!


The Mortal Instruments is returning as a tv series! After a year of no news of the new installment of The Mortal Instruments series, they announce that TMI will return but as a television series.

I picked up Vampire Next Door by Angela Snyder. Once I finished I reviewed on here and Goodreads. Same thing I do with every book, movie and show, right. What happened next nearly gave me a stroke! The Author of the book not only read and replied to my review but shared my blog link! I WAS COMPLETELY TAKEN BY SURPRISE! I write by reviews based on my opinion, good or bad. Not once did it occur to me that the author might read it, let alone do this!! It was definitely a highlight of my life!


Avenger: Age of Ultron Trailer is released! This trailer was one that gave you goose bumps during and after it’s over!


Pixar announces that Toy Story 4 will be released June 2017

Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer is released!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer is released and every fanboy and girl FREAKED THE FUCK OUT!!! Not only did the trailer release but because of Star Wars I did my first rewind trailer post!

Went to my first bachelorette party. My cousin is about to get hitched and traditionally they have bachelor and bachelorrette parties to say goodbye to your single life, even though they haven’t been single since they’ve been together. Won’t get into it cause it’s not mine so moving on. My caring sister volunteered to throw my cousin’s bride the bachelorette party and my sister in law and myself decided to try it out. This being her 2nd time and this being my first. I had no idea what to expect, let alone what I was going to see. Overall it was one that I can say I went to.

Having read the Fifty Shades series a year ago on my tablet, I’ve been eager to get the hardcovers. Barnes and Noble announced that they were going to be selling the series with the author’s signature! I rushed and bought my set and I couldn’t be happier!


Okay once again a little back story! My 10 year old nephew Rogelio has had a limousine lunch from his school every year by selling 50 items in a magazine from the school. My 9 year old nephew Andrew has never had a sell because he forgets to give us the magazine. Well knowing that he really wants to go with his cousin, oh and this year they were going to John’s Incredible Pizza, I was on a mission to get it for him. I took the magazine to work, so did my dad and my mom and I bought things as well. We did it! The second I sold 50 items I called up my nephew and told him the good news! He cried of joy and of course so did I! My nephews got to go together and I was left with pride!

Bought the rest of the The Mortal Instruments series books! Barnes and Nobles recognized me because I was constantly there! I needed the rest of the books since, like Fifty, I had only read them on ebook format and only having the last book. It was now complete!


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt1 is released and I pretty much cried from beginning to end! It was just as I pictured when I read the series!

Cinderella the live action movie trailer is released

Jurassic World Trailer is released! I was a huge fan of Jurassic Park back in the 90s, like everybody! So when I heard Jurassic World was going to be released next year I was excited to see their new take on a classic!


Bought all three Toy Story movies! Toy Story was on of my favorite Disney movies growing up. I was finally able to buy them all and introduce them to my nephews and nieces!


The Walking Dead Season Finale. One of the things I love about this show is their unpredictability and sometimes in those cases it takes you by surprise that long after it’s over you can’t function.

Insurgent Trailer is released, sequel to Divergent!

Pixar’s new movie Inside Out trailer is released and another great idea from the makers of some of the greatest Disney films ever.

New Toy Story special, Toy Story That Time Forgot is premiered on ABC

After 7 seasons, Sons of Anarchy takes it’s final ride. An ending, I thought was done wrong. Anyway to rewrite it?

Picked up Fables comics and become instantly hooked. TellTale games The Wolf Among Us is based on Bill Willingham’s Fables comics. I’m absolutely in love with these graphic novels! All of your favorite fairy tale characters acting completely different then the way we’re use to seeing. I love the magic, story,character development and overall a great read!

Suicide Squad was announced along with a cast! I’m not very similar with Suicide Squad but one cast was what I was eager to see…Joker! Joker will be played by Jared Leto! After Heath Ledger’s portrayed as The Joker I wouldn’t think anyone can match him. I guess we have to wait and see!

And there you have it! 2014 worth mentioning and may I say, as fast as 2014 was there was a lot of things that were surprising, wonderful, exciting etc. I don’t know about you but I’m more excited for 2015 with so many releases and returns of my favorite shows. I never make resolutions because, let’s be honest, who sticks with them anyway? I will say that I will continue to give my all in my blogs, read more, write more, get out more (I’m a homebody) and watch every movie I want to see this year! Pretty good, right?

I hope everyone had a safe and fun new years, now let’s make 2015 our bitch because it’s going to be EPIC!!


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