Fables: Inherit the Wind Comic #17 Book Review!

With Mister Dark finally captured, better yet re-captured, Rose Red, Clara and Bagheera return to the Farm for inspection and determine if it’s safe for the fables to return.

Back at the Dark Castle. Mrs. Spratt, or now refers herself as Leigh, is now fit and “beautiful” in the outside anyway. Leigh and Mr. Holt are still training for the return of the fables. Now that Mister Dark has been killed, from what they believe happened, Mr. Holt and Leigh are starting to become a little closer than just trainer and trainee.

Back at the Mountain King. Bigby and Snow have just been informed that with the North Wind gone a new heir must be crowned. Since Bigby is more wolf than wind, he’s been permanently removed as a candidate. With six other brothers, well to put it as the Zephyrs say “they’re all assholes.” Which means that Bigby’s and Snow’s cubs are now in the running. The Zephyrs come up with “tests” to see which one of the six are fit to become the next North Wind. Bigby and Snow are outraged to think that their putting their children in danger.

Just then Ambrose reveals that Ozma had told him about a prophecy. “The first child will be a King” and she was referring to one of the cubs.

“The second child a pauper”

“The third will do an evil thing”

“The fourth will die to stop her”

“The fifth will be a hero bold”

“The sixth will judge the rest”

“The seventh lives to ages old and is by Heaven blessed.” Which I think the last refers to Ghost, their invisible wind son.

Suddenly the other three Cardinal Winds show up and try to claim the thrown. The cubs are still put to the test, despite the other problems and causes one to go missing. The cubs are sent out to fly fast away and they must bring something that shows they deserve to be crown the North Wind. Winter, one of the girls, ends up flying too far off and lands herself in the far land of Perpetual Ice, where we reunite with Bellflower and her now husband Happ. Bellflower and Happ show up just in time before Winter opens up the casket that is holding Mister Dark. Just then Belle and Happ ask Winter for help in getting them out of the land of snow and winds.

Winter returns after three weeks missing with her guests. Winter then is crown the new North Wind!

Back at the Farm. Fables return to the farm and have a grand celebration for their return and CHRISTMAS. Just as Rose Red is ready to sleep she receives an unannounced visitor. It was a little “A Christmas Carol” feel on this one. I didn’t mind! Rose is sent to visit three of the last remaining agents of hope.

One just happens to be…SANTA!

  1. Santa is Hope of Justice. He rewards the good and punishes the bad, presents for good, coal for bad. All symbolic. The Hope to be rewarded. Gives the bad a push to do better and the already good to continue.
  2. Rose is then sent to a woman outside in the freezing cold selling matches. She’s the caretaker of the Hope Deferred. She hopes for a husband, children and all the somedays yet to come.
  3. The last visit was avatar for Hope of Revenge. She tells Rose that she was locked in a barrel, pounded iron spikes through it and sent her tumbling down to her death. Now the people the killed her lay in the same graveyard she owns and every year their allowed to walk the earth as ghost. They hope to be free from their confinement and rejoin the living only she won’t let them.

Rose Red is back safety in her bed and it’s now Christmas morning. Rose was left to with a question, she still has no clue as to the answer. “What type of hope would she bring?”

Before Rose left the graveyard she had promised to give one of the ghost a kiss on the cheek, only the ghost couldn’t feel it. Now Rose has to find a way to fulfill bring him back to life and give him the kiss she promised. If not fulfilled she will have the same punishment as him. Like she didn’t have enough things to worry about! Only I’m beginning to think that perhaps that ghost might be Boy Blue. HOPING!

Each comic just gets better and better and I can’t get enough!


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