Fables: Cubs in Toyland Comic #18 Book Review!


The Wolf Manor. Therese tells her mother, Snow, that the toy boat she received for Christmas doesn’t like her playing with other toys. Snow doesn’t think much of it.

World of North Wind. Winter has started her training as the new North Wind. Winter tells her father, Bigby, about a dream she’s been having. In her dream Winter is older and powerful, and as she puts it “does very bad things.” Winter believes that it’s destiny that she will become an evil person. Bigby sees the fear in his little girl and reassures her that destiny can be based on decisions one makes.

Back at the Wolf Manor. Therese’s toy boat speaks to her and tells her that there’s an adventure calling her name.

Back at Castle Dark, or soon to be Fable: Sequel. The Mayor and some fables arrive at the castle to see if it’s safe to return. Just then Grimble hears a woman locked up and chained up speak. Once Grimble opens the locked door he finds a dirty, skinny Mrs. Spratt with torn clothes. Mrs. Spratt lies about her encounter with Mister Dark and how everyone had just left her to die. The Mayor feels horrible about all the “torture” Mrs. Spratt claims she’s had. Just then Mr. Holt arrives and claims that he too was “tortured” and was “kept as a slave” for Mister Dark. Their acting skills were pretty good and did their job in fooling some of the fables.

Back at Wolf Manor. Therese takes her toy boat out to find some water, in Winter, because the boat is urging her to find some. Once they find a small creak, Theresse sets her toy boat down when suddenly the toy boat turns into a real big boat. The boat convinces Theresse to ride away with him for an “adventure” and Therese accepts.

The boat and Therese travel into deep seas and land in a island that the boat claims will be Therese’s kingdom. The island is called Toyland and they’re civilians are non other than toys. The toys are excited and happy to see Therese and begin to call her Queen. However, the toys are all either broken or disfigured because the island is known as Discardia.

Back at Wolf Manor. Snow begins to worry when she can’t find Therese and starts calling out for her outside when she finds Daren, her other son, sitting outside in the cold. Daren confesses to seeing Therese walking alone with her toy boat and seeing the toy boat turn into a big one. Daren is ashamed that he didn’t do what a pack leader should do, protect his brothers and sisters.

Snow begins a search party and asks her cubs to stay at home. Daren takes this opportunity as pack leader and goes off to search for her. Daren is then helped by Mr. Ticky Tocky Tiger, who turns into a real tiger. They set off into different worlds until they find Toyland.

Bigby and Winter arrive and hear about the disappearance of Therese and now Daren. Bigby rushes into wolf mode and begins to track down their scent. In doing so he learns that his children are no long in their world but in one completely different.

Back in Toyland. Therese begins to beg to return home but the toys urge her to stay and be their Queen. Therese having been gone for a few days asks for food. When a toy returns with food, Therese learns that all food is plastic. She begins to get very agitated.

Right outside, Daren and Ticky Tocky Tiger or Mounty, race to save Therese from the toys in Toyland.  Daren then runs into his favorite toy Ranger Mike Danger, who is now a huge because of Daren’s belief in him. So now Daren, Mounty and now giant Ranger Mike Danger head straight towards the castle of Toyland to rescue Therese.

Therese is sick of being hungry and bored and wants nothing more than to return home. When begins to run and away and set to fly only to fall down the stairs. Therese’s flying ability canceled in the new land.

Daren, and the others arrive at the castle and begin the attack. The toys, are too well and prepared to fight and begin throwing things at them. One by one the boys are taken out, leaving Daren alone. Daren takes his chance and runs forward only to be pushed off the cliff. Daren then finds himself unable to fly.

Mr. Ives, a giant stuff bear who is torn in every which way, fights with Mounty and wins. Mounty is then taken hostage.

This is where is gets EXTREMELY DARK AND DISTURBING! Mr. Ives unveils their true nature and why they’re in the island. EVERY TOY THERE IS A MURDER OF CHILDREN. Mr. Ives tells Therese that he was put too close to electrical wires and was caught on fire and sets the house and the crib of twins to burn to death. Each toy then tells her how they killed their child. Choking, drowned, straggled, one toy’s paint was lead based, etc. Therese is suddenly heart broken.

Daren wakes up and is pretty banged up from his fall. He starts to think of a plan to rescue Therese all on his own.

The toys hold a trail against Mounty and ask Therese “their Queen” for his punishment. She replies “death” and the toys attack and kill Mounty. Just then they take his flesh and feed it to her, and as she’s eating she orders for the meat to be cooked. Since the island is dead of all living things, Therese orders that the toys that are made of wood be used to make a fire. The toys obey their Queen, only in hopes that once she’s feed she will restore them back to their original condition.

Outside Daren is still determine to find a way to save both him and Therese and return back home. Only Daren begins to hear his brother Ambrose and suddenly Daren is hit with a very serious outcome. “The Sword or the Cup” meaning one must die and one will live. Daren tries his hardest to find a loop pole in what imaginary Ambrose has told him. In order to save Therese, Daren must sacrifice himself and put his blood in the one thing that isn’t a toy in the land, which ends up being a big cup or cauldron.

This was a heart wrenching scene! Daren was the ultimate patch leader!

Therese then runs out and sees the cauldron and it’s filled with warm soup. She feeds herself and notices that clothes are beside it. She realized that she had done and the price her brother paid to save her. Therese begins to get older and older, for in Toyland the times run different then the Mundy world. Therese is now older and orders every toy to fix their mistake by returning back to save their child before their killed. Once each toy accomplishes, the toys notice that their beginning to look newer.

Therese returns to home and it seems days maybe weeks since their disappears yet Therese is much older. Therese then tells Snow, her mother, about what her brave and noble brother Daren did for her.

As dark as this comic, the story of Daren, making the ultimate sacrifice even though he begged to be spared was something I love to read. The love of a sibling goes beyond words and when push comes to shove, it makes them heros when their needed.




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