Fables: Snow White #19 Comic Book Review!

Bigby and Stinky (known as Brock now) use Briar Rose’s (Sleeping Beauty) magical car, that just so happens to be able to travel between worlds. Not only is Bigby on a mission to find his missing cubs, Daren and Therese, but is also getting driving lessons.

Back at Fabletown: sequel (Formally Castle Dark). Snow is eager to return to her cubs, who are back at Wolf Manor, when someone from her best shows up or better yet reveals his true identity. Mr. Holt is actually Prince Brandish! Mr. Holt is actually Prince Brandish, the same Prince who tried to marry Snow as a child. Prince Brandish delivers shocking news, that he and Snow are actually married based on the oath he swore centuries ago. Oaths are pretty important. The oath alone is strong enough to have the fabletown citizens from interfering. Snow tries to reason with Brandish and tells him that she’s now married to Bigby and has children. To which this psycho-path responds with a casual “solution.” He plans to kill Bigby, as well as her cubs, to “cleanse her from her wild strike.” Again, you can’t reason with crazy!

The towns people are prohibited to help because of the oath as well as Brandish’s protection spell. Brandish created a spell that connects himself to Snow, so that if he were to be harmed in anyway, Snow were to be harmed as well.

Snow manages to tell her invisible wind son, Ghost, to find Bigby and bring him back to save her. Morgan Le Fey, one of the 13th floor witches, figures out a way to cancel the spell, if she’s given enough time, which didn’t seem to happen.

Bigby shows up, angry and as his wolf-form to save Snow! As Bigby begins to attack Brandish, unaware that he and Snow are linked physically, Morgan rushes to speed up her spell before Bigby ends up killing Brandish and unintentionally kill Snow as well.

Bigby, as strong and powerful, is no match to Brandish’s magical sword. Bigby is turned into a glass statue. Snow then challenges Brandish to a sword combat. Snow, knowing that if she kills him, she to would die. Rose Red tries to convince her to back down, only Snow tells her that if her were to stay alive he would stop at nothing to kill her cubs out of spite.

Just then Snow shows that she too is extremely skilled, thanks to her ex-husband Prince Charming, manages to stall enough to have Morgan successfully break the spell. Snow then drives the sword straight into his heart, only before he falls Brandish takes his sword and breaks the glass statue of Bigby, killing him too.

These comics remind me of The Walking Dead…NO ONE IS SAFE!

Can’t wait to pick up the last 3 comics and get some answers, like;

How did Ambrose end up getting married to Lake? Or…

What will happen to Therese now that she’s an adult? Or… What will happen to the rest of cubs? 





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