The Marriage Bargain Book Review!

Let me begin by saying I was surprised to have enjoyed this book and even if I didn’t get to fall in love of the book, as I hoped, I did like it.

As I started reading I started to laugh, not because it was a funny scene but because the situation was so ridiculous and it remind me of my favorite tv show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Okay, let me explain! Alexa Mckenzie is desperate about her family’s financial problems and her inability to find true love. Her mom is about to put her childhood home for sale to pay off medical bills from her father and other bills that like everything else tile up. Alexa, who loves to help people especially her family, she comes up with a plan, silly plan, but a plan none the less.

Alexa is the proud owner of BookCrazy, a book store and she remembers that a customer had told her about asking “Earth Mother” for help. I immediately thought of my sister, who loves to remember about that sort of stuff. You know the whole “you need to put positive vibes into the universal” crap.  Alexa writes down everything is looking for a husband and the love of her life to have and in a burning bucket she mixes the ingredients it asks. Knowing that the whole things is pretty much stupid, she’s willing to try and hope it works because time is running out.

As she begins to burn “herbs” and pieces the book asks, I started laughing hysterically! Friends is my all time favorite show and I admit that I know every episode, line, co-star etc. from the series, so I instantly remember a scene that fit to Alexa’s plea to “Earth Mother.”

Friends season 1: The One With The Candy Hearts

Monica and Raphel are tired of dating jerks and Pheobe comes to the rescue. Pheobe tells the girls that they need to burn everything every boyfriend has ever given them on Valentine’s day to break the curse of bad relationships.

 Alexa burning the important ingredients to have her perfect husband come to her rescue with $150,000 cash to help pay for her families debt in hand was like Monica, Raphel and Phoebe burning their keep sakes of horrible boyfriends to finally ending up with their soul mates.

I’ll give the book a A+ for that!

However, this was just the beginning of the story and I still needed to rate it as a whole. On to the review! While Alexa does her hocus pocus we meet Nicholas Ryan. Nicholas is a successful architect who wants to be able to run the family business. The only was that would be possible is if he follows he’s late uncle’s will. Nicholas Ryan despise the whole concept of marriage all because of how his childhood brought was fights, neglected, abandonment, heartache and it took a toll on himself as well as his younger sister Maggie, who happens to be Alexa’s best friend.

Alexa and Nicholas had grown up together and had tried to date when they were 16, only to end with Alexa’s heart broken because of Nicholas fear of turning into his father and mother. Nicholas has marry in order to gain absolute control of the company and must stay married for a year. He swore he would never marry or bare children, the idea of having to now marry to finally make his dream come true isn’t going to be easy.

Maggie, Nick’s sister and Alexa’s best friend since childhood, connects the dots and since both parties are desperate she sets them up.

Nick reunites with Alexa after so many years and come to an understanding. The marriage is nothing more than a business deal and after the year is over they will divorce and go their separate ways.

Nick needs a wife to gain control over the family company and create what he wants to create without permission.

Alexa needs $150,000 to save her family’s home.

I liked how Nick and Alexa have so much in common yet when they disagree, like favorite baseball teams, they fight like WWIII.

Nick is use to having his way and keeping his woman at a distance, which is difficult when you are now married. Alexa is an independent woman as well as selfless and helps those in need. Her only down fall is she is rather stubborn!  What woman aren’t?

As time passes and the couple spend more time together, their agreement starts to become more and more challenging. Alexa wants love and Nick is fearful because of his upbringings.

Classic romance story of love and the other ignoring the feelings. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants a quick and easy love story.

Although, I didn’t feel the passion from the characters as I had hoped, that didn’t take away the enjoyment of the book.

Worth reading, quick and easy read and cute love story that reminded me of my favorite tv show ever. Not too shabby!


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