American Sniper Movie Review!


Going into this movie I had high expectations, thanks to my older sister who just wouldn’t stop saying “I cried so hard, Oh my god I hated it, you’re going to cry at the end.” To which I replied, “yeah it’s a war flick! 90% of war based films are going to make you cry!”

That’s one of the reasons why I stay away from ANY and ALL spoilers because I like the experience of a movie with surprises.

American Sniper tells the story of your average southern boy Chris Kyle, played by Bradley Cooper, who was taught to be strong and how to hunt by his father. Chris was forced to believe in never giving up and always protect those in need and what better way to act on it then join the military.

Bradley Cooper’s performance was terrific and just shows how much he improves in his acting abilities. Chris then meets Taya, played by Sienna Miller, at a bar and tells him that she believes military men are all scum and cheaters because of the troubles her sister went through with her military fiance. Let’s face it all women judge men based on what other women have gone through. A white men cheats on his girl, we ladies all say “all white men cheat!” A black man hits his girl, we all say “all black men are abusive!” A mexican guy marries his girl, well say “he must need a green card!” Guys we do it and we don’t know why, it’s just in our DNA.

Chris manages to charm her but they’re world and everyone else’s shatter when 9/11 hits and Chris is sent to Baghdad and kill the bad guys. Sienna Miller’s performers, as Bradley Cooper’s, was incredible in showing the agonizing, loneliness, stressful life a wife to a military man is. The film does a great job in not just illustrating the war but the psychological toll it takes on the soldiers.

When Chris does go home he is constantly hearing or visualizing all the things he has seen and done at war, which of course takes it out on his marriage. Taya notices the effects it’s done to him but Chris still believes he can handle it because of his upbringings of his father in not quitting. What Clint Eastwood (Director) did beautifully was take something so rewarding and prestige title and turn it into something dark. Chris is nicknamed “Legend” because of his ability to take out his targets without fail. He had rank one of the greatest snipers in history because of his number of kills at war but Clint Eastwood took that and flipped it.

Going into war you already have a heavy bag to carry, from trying to stay alive and protect those around you. When given a reputation, like Chris’s, the expectation of never missing and his fellow brothers/sisters trusting him with their lives is a million more weights on the already heavy bag you have to carry.

The movie demonstrated the ugliness of war inside and out, which I applaud. What did disappoint me was the lack of sympathy I had for the soldiers. Although, they were sad I had them in a pretty high template with two of my favorite war movies and known to be 2 of the greatest movies ever. When a soldier fell in this movie, it didn’t hit me like when Medic Wade, played by Giovanni Ribisi from Saving Private Ryan was shot and the soldiers are holding him and start giving him morphine shots as he cries out for his mother or when Bubba, played by Mylelti Williamson from Forrest Gump is pulled out by Forrest and tells him he wants to go home. Those two scene felt like a knife in your gut and you bet your ass you were balling your eyes out. What made it even worse, THOSE TWO SCENES WEREN’T EVEN CLOSE TO THE ENDING!

Although the scenes didn’t affect me like I thought they would, it doesn’t take away the creative way they projected the after math of a soldiers mind. The movies had great acting, terrific story telling and overall a great eye opening of the men and women who CHOOSE to fight for our freedom. Sadly, these heroic men and women fight for our freedom to come home to disrespect, struggles, etc. to me that isn’t fair at all.

One major thing that bugged the hell out of him about this movie was the unrealistic babies they had! Seriously, I have never seen a baby so fake on camera then the one on this movie. I mean come on! At least SGI it!

Besides the fakest babies in history, the movie was well done and told us the story of Chris Kyle and the dramatic effects our soldiers have to carry. Will say it’s worth watching, Oscar nominations worthy but won’t be categorized next to Saving Private Ryan or Forrest Grump.


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