Be With Me Book Review!

As long  as Friends pertains to my readings, I will write about it! Friends is just so awesome in so many levels!

Continuing the 2015 reading challenge I chose “A book with a love triangle”   and the book that fit that description was Maya Banks’s Be With Me.

Yeah, definitely a different love triangle that I’m use to reading!

Regina aka Reggie, as her friends call her, is a respected police officer in her small town. When she gets a call about a disturbance in a abandoned house, Reggie checks it out only to get attacked by a large man seeking revenge. Reggie is rushed to the hospital, very badly beaten, but that isn’t the worst part of it.

Cam, Hutch, and Sawyer were called about her attack. Who are those men? Well they happen to be her best friends since childhood, oh and they all slept together a year ago.

Like my previous review for The Marriage Bargain, comparing it to Friends The one with the Candy Hearts, with the whole voodoo seance with Monica, Raphel and Phoebe trying to “break their bad relationships” this book had another similar concept from Friends.

 Friends The one with the Butt Chandler meets Aurora, a very attractive woman who just happens to like her cake and eat it too. Chandler learns that she’s not only married but she also has a boyfriend. Chandler then begins a relationship, as she puts it “merely sexual.”

Could men really feel okay with the fact that the woman they’re seeing is also seeing other men?


Which brings us to Be With Me.

Reggie and the guys have a very strong friendships since childhood, with the boys being foster kids who were taken in by a lovely, caring lady Birdie, who gave them unconditional love. Reggie’s childhood wasn’t bad and had everything she could every need, only lacked the love part. Her parents neglected her and when she needed someone to talk to she found in all three boys.

As they grew, so did their attraction. Reggie, Cam, Hutch, and Sawyer ended up sleeping together and out of fear of losing either of them she fled and ignored them. She refused to choose and ended up taking herself out of the equation.

Now, her 3 best friends/loves of her life return to rescue her. As well as a proposition.

Cam, Hutch and Sawyer have been in love with Reggie, for what seems like ages. They want her but the only way that will happen is if they work together. The guys decide that they’re willing to share their love with Reggie, but trying to convince her is the real challenge.

Back to Friends for a bit! Chandler was in cloud 9 with his relationship Aurora. As he put it “I get all the good stuff. All the talking. All the sex and none of the responsibilities. ” He then realized that the theory was better than the actual outcome.

We all get jealous. Even those who say they never do, let’s be honest. The idea of having a relationship with a person who is seeing another person will get to you. So when I started reading I had my doubts of this “proposition” of theirs and it actually working out. Let’s face it, how many of you know a situation like this and it be functional?

Reggie is not only badly injured but she might have a psycho killer after her, then add her 3 way love triangle into the loop, let’s just say I wouldn’t blame her if she took up drinking.

Cam, Hutch and Sawyer would extremely well, having been raised together at the ages of 10, and team up to take care of Reggie. Living under the same roof, with three men who not only have slept with but are now welcoming a second round, will have some…how should I put this…you’re bound to get horny! Yup, that’s pretty much it.

This book was very different from my normal reads, and I’ve had my share of romantic books. I did enjoy it, however, and I believed in the love the guys shared for Reggie then her having feels for them. Odd, I know.

The sex scenes weren’t as explicit as I thought it was going to be. Considering it’s a four-way. Is that what it’s called? Because it’s more than a threesome, there’s 3 guys and 1 girl.

Be With You, was enjoyable, easy read and I would recommend it. Is it realistic? Hell no! Although, there are some “freaks” out there, and you know what more power to ya!

I would like to know, would you have a relationship with more than one person or go out with someone who is going out with someone else?

Comment below! I would love to hear your answers!




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