Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review!

Considering its been a few days and with its ranking in the box office I can presume that the majority have now seen the film. That definitely includes myself… Twice! I wanted to wait to reviewed the film, giving everyone a chance to see it because this is a going to be a spoiler filled review,  A SPOILER GALORE IF YOU WILL!!

Now I know you’ve heard mixed reviews about this “mommy porn” or “a movie about abusive relationship” or “a movie about S& M” and all that is WRONG!


I am conflicted with men giving this film a negative rating, considering 99% of watch porn, but I guess once you add romance to it they lose interest. Sorry guys it not being a straight fuck-fest!

This movies isn’t meant to be a date night movie that you take your spouse. Men have their porn. Ladies we have Christian Grey.

I’m a huge fan of the series and believe it or not I had doubts about this movie. With high expectations and it being loved by millions, you don’t just want to see it come to life on the big screen. You want it to be true to the book and not take whatever pieces you choose and changed everything about it.

Anastasia, played by Dakota Johnson, has come to her best friend/roommate’s rescue Kate, played by Eloise Mumford, who has fallen ill and had to interview Mr. Grey for their school’s local newspaper. Anastasia agrees to conduct the interview on her behalf.


Dakota Johnson’s portrayal of Anastasia was astonishing! I was blown away of how perfect she was and bring the character to life! Looking back at the actresses I had originally picked for the role, I can’t seem to see them play her now because of Dakota. Not only was she able to nail, no pun intended, Anastasia’s shy, and innocent persona but the girl is funny! Her sense of humor was such a brilliant touch!



Anastasia arrives to Grey House building and definitely stands out. She’s taken straight into Christian Grey’s office. Christian Grey, played by Jamie Dornan, couldn’t have done a better job! I loved him as Gram/The Huntsman on Once Upon A Time and I love him even more now!

Christian is a very intimating man and yet when he chooses his charm is over-powering! The meeting between the two was definitely one of my favorite scenes of the movie.

Shocked it wasn’t a sex scene? BECAUSE IT’S NOT ABOUT SEX!!

Christian is intrigued by Anastasia’s personality and though he’s use to having women fall for him, Anastasia tends to disagree with him, which he isn’t use to.

Christian is suddenly very interested in knowing more about her. Anastasia arrives home to find a very eager friend, wanting to know about the man who has become a young icon and has never been since photographed with a woman before. Kate sees Anastasia’s crush blossom, despite what she calms.

Christian then offers to get photographed by Anastasia’s good friend/ photographer Jose, played by Victor Rasuk. Christian and Anastasia then have coffee only to have Christian abruptly end their  “date.” Christian warns Anastasia that he isn’t the man for her and she should stay clear of him. Heart broken Anastasia flees.

Kate, Anastasia and Jose go to a club to celebrate the end of their finals. Anastasia gets wasted and drunk dials Christian. This scene was the greatest! We’ve all been there and having her drunk dial him and tell him how confusing and bossy he is was FREAKING AWESOME SAUCE!!

Christian shows up just as Jose is about to make a movie on intoxicated Anastasia. Christian then takes her to his hotel room.

Oh and his brother Elliot Grey, played by Luke Grimes was left to party with Kate on the dance floor. His brother was cast perfect!

Back to our main couple!

Anastasia wakes up, hung over, and finds Christian pissed at her lack of judgement the night before. This was our first look at a sweating, shirtless Mr. Grey! Every ovaries hit the floor at that point!


Once Anastasia composes herself, Christian then leads Anastasia to the elevator to take her home.

Yup, every…EVERYONE WHO READ THE BOOK KNEW WHAT WAS COMING! The Elevator scene aka their first heated kiss!

Before leaving the hotel room Christian informs Anastasia that he wouldn’t touch her until he has her written consent and her reaction is of confusion.

Once they enter the elevator Christian said “fuck the paperwork” and attacks Anastasia with a passionate kiss! Suddenly the elevator opens up to 4 suited men entertaining the elevator.

Another comedic scene when you see how flustered Anastasia has become!

Christian then takes Anastasia on a ride on Charlie Tango, his personal helicopter, and arrive to his penthouse. When they arrive Christian takes Anastasia into his playroom.

I know I’ve read the book yet seeing it on the big screen was just as surprising as Anastasia’s reaction. After their tour of Disneyland for sex toys, Christian learns that Anastasia is a virgin. Shocked by the news he takes her to bed and makes love to her. Despite that fact he told her he “doesn’t make love. He fucks, hard.”

Once their love making is over, Anastasia learns that Christian doesn’t sleep with her and he doesn’t like to be touched, especially on his chest that shows burn marks. Christian then gives Anastasia “The Contract” that is detailed about what he expects of her. Christian is a dominant and Anastasia, if she agrees and signs would become his submissive.

Anastasia is overcome with not just losing her virginity but now having to decide if she’s willing to become something that scares her to death.

Christian having very little patients, arrives when she least expects it. Other than wanting her to try his way, he can’t seem to stay away from her.

Although, the whole concept of having no free-will in having a sexual relationship with him, Anastasia isn’t ready to say good-bye. Who can blame her with a guy looking like him!?

Anastasia gives it a try and finds that it wasn’t as bad as her imagination let her to believe. Still not having signed the contract, Christian then acts starts acting more of a boyfriend than her “master.”

Just as their relationship begins to grow, Anastasia begs him to open up to her, about his scars, his whole dominant and submissive life style and not wanting to be touched. Christian is frustrated and angry with her consist questions. The only time he reveals some of his dark past is when she’s fast asleep.

His birth mother was a drug addict and died when he was 4. He remembers bits and pieces but doesn’t remember what she looks like. He admits that there are times he sees her in his dreams.

We learn about his past in Fifty Shades Darker, book 2 in the series. You suddenly understand everything about why he does certain things.

Wanna know? GO READ IT!

Anastasia is at her breaking point in trying to understand his motives and asks to show her how bad his actions would get. She knows that even though he’s used the red room on her, he’s held back in really showing her what a true submissive is.

She asks him to show her. BALLED MY EYES! I knew what was coming and it wouldn’t be pleasant.

Christian orders her to bend over and count out loud. Using a bet he hits her 6 times at her behind. It was so brutal to see her in so much pain, crying while counting, as well as seeing his expression on his displeasure in causing it.

Once it’s over he starts to reach for her and she shaves him off. She’s hurt and shocked that he would find something so appalling pleasurable. Anastasia walks off to her room. Christian goes to her and begs her not to hate him, only to have her tell him she’s not right for him and she’s fallen in love with him. Christian tells her she can’t feel such things towards him.

Next morning, Anastasia returns everything he was given her as gifts. Christian’s only reply is that his driver Taylor, played by Max Martini, would take her home. Anastasia walks to his elevator when he rushes to her, and she yells at him to stop.

Anastasia pushes the button to close the elevator doors when Christian says “Anastasia” and her tearful response is “Christian” just as their first meeting.

I was shocked, not by how much of the book was on the film but how beautifully it was created! Sam Taylor-Johnson, Director, did an amazing job!! I love everything about this movie and what I loved more was just how they achieved in making me feel just as I felt when reading it the first time.

Fifty is meant for fans! Know that every movie has negative outcomes and while some may be true, I stand on my own and what I find entertaining other might find boring. Don’t let what others “thinking” about, not just this film but about everything, affect your visions. I know others that hates this film only because of what they think it’s about.

Fifty is truly a love story about two opposites. One with a very troubled past has affected his was in being in a relationship.

Is it reality? Hell no! Do you know any guy who not only tells you how you make him feel as well as shows you? IF YOU, YOU HAVE WON THE FUCKIN LOTTERY! No man is that romantic and this is why we are so drawn to fictional characters who have everything every man lacks.

Fifty shades is one of the best adaptions, that is right up there with Harry Potter, and The Mortal Instruments. Again, ALL IN MY OPINION!

Will you like it? I can’t and won’t say because YOU and you ALONE know what you like. If you don’t, then you don’t. If you find yourself enjoying it, then it did it’s purpose.

Whatever the outcome I would love to hear about it. Comment below and let me know!

“Later’s Baby”

Fifty Shades Darker, sequel, begins shooting in June of this year and will be released early 2016!


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