Beauty and The Beast Movie Cast So Far!

We got ourselves a Beast and a Gaston! Since Emma Watson was cast to play Belle, I had a great feeling about the live action movie. Now, the 2 other main roles have been filled and…IT LOOKS AWESOME!

 Dan Stevens (Downtown Abbey) has been cast as The Beast/”Adam” and I have to say the guy is gorgeous! The real question isn’t how the The Beast will look after his transformation but before. I’m extremely curious to see how they’re going to bring the Beast to life, either CGI or make-up. 

Luke Evans (Fast and Furious, Dracula) has been cast as Gaston. I mean look at the man and try not to stare intently and drool! I can’t quite picture him as Gaston, but who better to play a concede buff guy than a sexy man like Luke!

Luke Evans as Gaston

And if you didn’t already know that Belle will be played by Emma Watson. IT’S JUST TRULY PERFECT!

Belle was the second Disney princess to not be of royal descent, after Cinderella. Tiana is the third. | 30 Things You Might Not Know About “Beauty And TheBeast”Emma Watson is a true role model for young girls today. We love her fashion style and she just glows with confidence.

No official date has been given but it will be release next year!



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