Flowers in the Attic Book Review

Rollin down the street, smokin endo, sippin on gin and juice
Laid back [with my mind on my money and my money on my mind]– ‘Gin and Juice’- Snoop Dog

I mean Snoop described Corrine!

Flowers in the Attic was one of the books I’ve been eager to read because of it’s controversy when it was released. I admit that after watching both the original film and remake, as well as the sequel, I was expecting it to be as good as the movie.

Rule #1-never, NEVER judge a book based on the movie!

Cathy tells the story of how her life and the life of her family changed in a blink of an eye. Cathy has three siblings, Chris who is the oldest, and their youngest twins Cory and Carrie. Their father Christopher Sr. was the sole provider and loved his family dearly. Corrine is your typical stay at home mom and even though they’re middle class family, Corrie is very much a materialistic woman.

As Corrine and the kids set up a surprise birthday party Christopher, a police officer arrives to shatter their world. Christopher was in a car accident and has been killed.

The story is set in 1957 and instead of stepping up to the plate as the bread maker now, Corrine tells Cathy and Christopher that they’re in so much debt that she had no choice then to write to her estranged parents for help. Cathy and Chris had never heard about their grandparents until now and are relent just as Corrine tells them that her parents are wealthy and live in a beautiful mansion.

Corrine tells them that her father is ill and hasn’t seen or spoken to them in years. The children pack what little they can still keep and carry and leave to Pennsylvania and head to Virginia.  The children are excited about living in a grand mansion, only to learn that their grandmother isn’t too happy with their arrival. Once they arrive, they are rushed quietly to the farthest room in the mansion. Corrine tells them that years ago, her father wrote her off his inheritance and now that his ill she promises to regain his love and be rewritten into his will.

The only condition is that the children must be hidden until his passes. The children are confused, and frighten by the sudden news.

Doesn’t make it easier when their grandmother HATES THEM! The Grandmother not only tells them to stay completely hidden in the small bedroom but they must obey her rules.

With two twin beds in the small bedroom, her number 1 rule is that boys and girls DO NOT SHARE BEDS. Cathy and Chris are confused after constant accusations of them bumping uglies.

Corrine then is forced to reveal why she was written off her father’s inheritance. Cathy, Chris, the twins Cory and Carrie’s father was Corrine’s half uncle. Since then the Grandmother and Grandfather saw them as sinners and now the kids are “devil’s spawn.”

Cathy and Chris are shocked to learn the truth but with no where to run they think about everything. Time flies and 3 years go by and the child are still locked in the small bedroom.

Money changes people! Boy does that theory prove right on this book. Corrine first started out visiting her children everyday to going months without seeing them.

Okay I have to say I enjoyed the remakes from Lifetime and sadly the movies are different in so many ways from the book, which I was disappointed in. For example, the relationship between Cathy and Chris, is more romantic, a lack of a better word, in the movie than in the book. Totally weird feeling that you’re rooting for incest! However, you do and not just them but the kids to survive this torture they don’t deserve.

The grandmother was horrific and the mother was no better. Overall this is a book I recommend for a quick read!


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