Supernatural Pilot Review!

Supernatural is currently my addiction and thanks to netflicks, I’m currently on season 7 out of 10. Oh and I should mention that I’ve been watching it for a little bit over month. I might have a problem!

Since I’m on season 7, I thought why not review where it all began!

In all American family, husband and wife with their two boys are about to go to sleep when their lives change drastically.

Mary, the wife, hears her youngest son Sam crying and when she checks on him she finds herself with a demon. John, the husband rushes to Mary’s aid and finds her hanging from the ceiling and her body catches fire. John takes baby Sam and his older (4 years old) Dean to safety.

This is where the story begins…

22 years later, Sam is in college and living with the love of his life Jessica when his brother Dean walks back into his life. Sam wants to have a normal life, but what people don’t know that when that terrible night his mother was killed Dean and Sam’s lives have been on revenge thanks to their father.

Dean and Sam where taught to hunt the creatures that lurk in the dark, some in broad daylight. Dean informs Sam that their father has gone missing and his needs his brother’s help to find him.

The relationship between Sam and Dean is a type where I wish all siblings were. They fight and I mean fist fight, then they cool off and suddenly their the best of friends.

I love that! Not to mention their opposites! Dean is sarcastic and your typical ladies man. Sam however is kind and gentle, and definitely the brains in the operation.

No matter how different they are, they understand each other and balance it.

Supernatural is a concatenation of Buffy, Charmed and a little bit of F.R.I.E.N.D.S where Sam is Ross and Dean is a bit of Joey and Chandler.

This show has EVERYTHING! Seriously! References galore, from Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney etc. Which just adds to the awesomeness of the show.

Sam and Dean go on the road to search for their dad while saving everyone else as well. The boys become the hunters their father forced them to become.

I can’t write how much I love this series and how I’ve gone this long without, I have no idea!

Supernatural is a show worth binge watching and getting hooked on!

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