Fables: Animal Farm Issue #2

Jack is sentenced to community service, as well as Rose Red.

While Jack is on janitor duty for punishment, Snow has other plans for her sister Rose Red.

Snow needs to make her annual visit to the farm, a hidden community for non-human fables. Snow then takes that opportunity to reconnect with her estranged sister while driving to the farm. Along side them is Colin, one of the three little pigs, who manages to continues to leave the farm and head to New York.

Once they arrive to the farm, Snow and Rose walk into what looks like a community meeting with every fable creature.

Snow is confused to learn that the farm’s keeper, Wayland, has resigned his position and has left the farm.

Just as they begin to gather more and more information, Snow and Rose find poor Colin’s head outside their bedroom window.

Things pretty much get worse from there!

Sister turn on sister.

A revolution begins!

In this comic we learn that Bigby isn’t allowed in the farm and that rule had been set since they had arrived in Fable town. So when Snow suddenly needs help she can’t call Bigby for help.

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