Fables: Legends in Exile Issue #1

Fairy tale characters were exiled to the mundane world, our world, and live as one of us. Forced out of their homelands from someone they call “The Adversary;” the very characters were grew up reading about now walk among us. Centuries pass and they have created their own community that can protect their true identities. Their town is called Fabletown, settled in New York.

Jack, from Jack and the Bean Stalk, rushes to Bigby, the  Fabletown’s sheriff, the same wolf from the Three Little Pigs, that a terrible crime has happened. Bigby, who although is the wolf from the stories, looks human.  Think of him more of a shape-shifter.

Jack takes Bigby to the apartment where he found a horrific scene. Bigby then finds Fable town’s  mayor adviser, Snow White, and tell her that her sister has been kidnapped.

Rose Red, Snow White’s sister is known to be party girl even with the mundanes. With that in mind Snow doesn’t think about about her disappearance, but then changes her mind when she finds her sister’s apartment covered in blood.

Bigby must find Rose Red, if she’s alive and find out who is behind it.

Bigby Wolf is certain of one thing. This was definitely done by a fable.

I was definitely intrigued after this first comic! After I played The Wolf Among Us, which was based on the comics, I knew I had to pick them up since I loved the game. I wasn’t disappointed!

I love reading about fairytale characters in a different light. You see them completely different and it’s just plain awesome sauce!

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