Step Up All In Movie Review!

Remember the good old days when you would come face to face with your enemy and…have a kick ass dance battle!

Step up all in is the fifth installment and just like the four before them, not at all different.

The crew, “The Mob,” from Step Up: Revolution aren’t as happy as we thought they turn out to be. We see that the crew has moved out of Miami to LA, though their dreams and hopes pretty much stayed back home.

The crew struggle with living off dancing. Going from auditions to auditions and coming out short. The Mob decided that living the way they have isn’t worth it and head home, only to learn that Sean isn’t willing to give up.

Sean finds out that a competition called “The Vortex” is receiving submissions for the best crews and the winner will receive their own show in Las Vegas. Sean believes that this is the chance he’s been waiting for. Only problem is, he doesn’t have his crew anymore.

That brings us to the return of Moose! Moose, whose now an engineer and has given up dancing, oh and dating and living with Camille, has also kept in touch with the past members from the other crews.

So we have guy loses crew. Creates new crew. Need to win competition. Guy falls for girl from his crew. Dance moves, dance moves plus more dance moves. We have our movie.

Moose comes back to dance to help out Sean and the crew win the competition. Sean then meets Andie, who was the main character in Step Up 2: The Streets.

Sean then finds out he has to go head to head with his old crew! Drama!

Then they all find a bigger enemy and that ends up bring them all together! Yay!

Watching a movie like this you don’t expect Oscar worthy acting, or amazing story line, but just a good time. You like the music, the cool dance moves, hot guys shirtless (okay, maybe that’s just for the girls and some guys) but you don’t go into the movies expecting to be wowed.

Step up All In is nothing different but a good movie for a lazy Saturday night and you can’t decide on what to watch on Netflick.


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