Fables: Storybook Love issue #3 Comic Review!

A reporter threats to expose the fables as Vampires, to which Bigby laughs at! With the reporter now suspicious of the Fables, Bigby must figure out a way to get off his attention.

Bigby then comes up with a plan to try and scare away the unwanted reporter.

Bluebeard and Goldilocks happen to “intimate” and work out their own plans to get rid of Bigby and Snow. Bluebeard then uses a spell to cause them to take a “vacation” together and away from Fabletown. Once Bigby and Snow leave the town, Goldilocks would then track them down and kill them.

However, the spell wears off after a few days and Snow and Bigby realize that someone cast a spell on them to get them away from Fabletown. Though, the good thing was they had figured it out, but they were also away from civilization. In the mountains to be exact, with someone following them.

Back at Fabletown, Prince Charming, who is nothing more than a womanizer and seeking a way to get rich again, challenges Bluebeard to a sword fight to the death. Bluebeard, having some power and shit load of money, Prince Charming would benefit himself with Bluebeard out of the picture.

Back at the mountains, Snow and Bigby become closer while seeking a way back home, which tends to happen when you end up alone with one person and both having no memory of the last few days. Bigby then senses someone hot on their trail, this was the moment Snow learned that the power North Wind is none other than Bigby’s father.

Goldilocks then attacks Bigby, having been the one following them, begins to win the fight. Snow realizing Bigby might die steps in and takes out Goldilocks! Pretty bad ass!

Once Snow and Bigby return to Fabletown, Bigby learns that Snow might be interested in him as he’s been with her. Though the attracted stays, something happens that burst the romantic bubble. Snow finds out she’s pregnant! Not a good way to start something when you find out your pregnant and don’t even remember the sex.

I really enjoyed this issue and from this one on it just got better and better!

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