Seeds of yesterday Movie Review!


Sunday premiered the final chapter of the Flowers in the Attic series, Seeds of Yesterday.

Before I start the review may I add that the beginning of the movie, was it just me or did it have a little Fifty Shades of Grey feel to it?

NOT THAT I’M COMPLAINING! Just an observation!

Years has passed and behold Bart, you know the disturbed kid that tried to drown his adopted sister in the kiddie pool, has inherit the Foxworth Hall mansion. The same house that held Cathy, Chris, Cory and Carrie hidden for three years. Bart, played by the very sexy James Maslow, is still obsessed with Malcolm’s beliefs and with his mind corrupted his relationship with his adopted father/uncle has only gotten worse. Now that he knows Cathy’s and Chris’s secret.

The family return to the hell house to celebrate Bart’s inheritance. Cathy isn’t comfortable returning to a place that holds very dark times and no one can blame her. Rachael Carpani and Jason Lewis portray as Cathy and Chris were just perfect!

Yes, I know it’s incest! Look at what these kids were forced to live with and their relationship would only grow stronger. You believe that they truly love each other, which is more than we can say for some actors that have zero chemistry. Keep in mind these guys are brother and sister in love!

Actors need to step up their game if you’re getting your asses kicked by incest!

The tension between Bart and Chris since Bart learned the truth has only gotten worse. Going from accepting Chris as his father to just a man “living in sin.” Bart not only has his very twisted beliefs but manages to get in everyone’s faces he believes deserves punishment.

As hard as Bart tries to “live clean of sin,” he can’t help but have urges, like a dude! His attraction for his adopted sister builds and yet attacks her for being with another man. Twisted family I’m telling you!

However, Bart preaches about living clean of sin and yet when his brother Jory becomes paralyzed from a performance, he seduces his wife. Oh sorry HE’S PREGNANT WIFE! Bart needs to check that Bible cause I think he got the one from satan!

I have to say that, yes Bart did a dick move by sleeping with his brother’s pregnant wife, but she didn’t have to. Her bitchiness about how he and her husband would never dance together and there for the marriage is dead. It was heartbreaking to see Jory after she gave birth to their twins and took off.

Just as things start to look up, as Bart begins to change for the better, he goes back to this old ways. Cathy, still trying to hold hope for her son, everyone else believes that they need to leave the mansion and Bart, for their safety.

Bart finally losing it by almost drowning one of the baby twins and trying to kill Cathy, Cathy realizes that her son is lost.

Jory, who was once in deep depression over his wife leaving, being paralyzed and having to raise two children alone, Cathy and Chris hire Toni to help Jory and soon they fall in love.

Jory, Toni, and the twins and Cathy await Chris outside the mansion ready to leave when a police car pulls up. Cathy immediately realizes that this happened years ago with her father. Sure enough, they’re informed that Chris has died in a car accident.

Suddenly, with Chris’s death Bart realizes what kind of man he has turned into and changes almost over night. Bart and Cindy, his adopted sister, reconnect and end up together.

Just as Bart and Cindy, as well as Jory and Toni drive away from the mansion, we see Cathy stays behind. Cathy narrates that she felt like she had to stay at the very house that started it all, and being the last one of the four. We see Cathy up in the attic looking out the window and as she mourns for her husband/brother/ love of her life we see that she passes away.

I’ve read that in the series, Cathy died from natural causes, however the author revealed that Cathy died from a broken heart after the death of Chris.

A very sad love story!  I’m extremely proud of Lifetime for making not just a new Flowers in the Attic adaption but continuing the rest of the series. Every actor in the films did an amazing job and even though I won’t continue reading the series after reading the first, at least I have the well done movies.

So with 4 films out which one was your favorite? Mine would have to be a tie between Petals in the Wind and Seeds of Yesterday
Comment below let me know!




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