Furious 7 Movie Review!

Dom and Letty are together, and seem like their doing okay, minus that fact that Letty still has regain her lost memory. However, Dom tries to take her to places that they use to go in hope that it will trigger some of her memories.

Letty then begins to get some flash backs, although it freaks her out.

Jason Statham plays Deckard Shaw, Owen Shaw’s big brother, the guy from the previous movie. Shaw is pissed about his little brother’s condition, you know cause he got his ass kicked from Dom and his crew. Shaw is now seeking revenge and it begins with anyone close to Dom, and he started with poor Han. Han was killed in The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift and we learned that it was by Shaw’s hands.

Mia and Brian are proud parents to Jack, and domestic life style doesn’t really please Brian. Brian, although loves his family, you can see that all the races, fights, and bullets are what he craves. Unfortunately, Mia sees it too and tells Dom that she’s pregnant but is keeping it from Brian. Dom believes Brian wants to stay with his family and will do everything he can to ease Mia’s doubts.

Dom then gets a call from Shaw and just as he reveals that he’s after him their house explodes. This means war for Dom!

Dom visits Hobbs in the hospital and receives more information of Shaw. Suddenly Kurt Russell’s character gives Dom and his crew a job that will benefit him in finding Shaw.

The crew assemble and their mission is to rescue someone named Ramsey, who is a very talented hacker. Ramsey, not only has the skills but has a device know as “God’s eye” that can track anyone, anywhere. With Ramsey and the device they can find Shaw!

This movie accomplished that it was set out to do. Action packed, humor and just a good time. I loved seeing the characters back and the many unrealistic things shown, but this movie knows and plays it very well.

I don’t want to ruin or give too much away, and I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about Paul Walkers’ brother stepping in after the sudden and tragic loss, and you are able to see him instead of Paul. I was able to pick out the scenes he was in but my brother in law couldn’t.  That still don’t take much away from the scenes, let alone the whole movie. So don’t pay too much attention to it.

The tribute to Paul Walker was very moving and beautifully done! I’m still in utter shock that he passed away and I can’t manage how his family and even his cast members who have grown so close over the years.

It was not only a good bye to Paul but to Brian as well and I thought it was a great send off to his character!

R.I.P Paul Walker, aka Brian O’Conner






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