Fables: March of the Wooden Soldiers Comic Book Review!

Boy Blue tells Snow White about the battle back at the Homelands and about his long lost love, Red Riding Hood.

Boy Blue & Red fell in love fast and sadly ended the same way.

Current time at Fabletown

Snow is still pregnant with Bigby’s cubs and is very unhappy, considering.

Prince Charming starts a campaign to run for Mayor, not because he can make a difference but for the power and money.

Suddenly, someone unexpected shows up…Red Riding Hood herself!

After centuries you would think the reunion between Boy Blue and Red would be joy but not so much.

Red is surprised to see Boy Blue as he is,then leaves crying, claiming that he abandoned her during the war.

Bigby doesn’t buy Red’s story and decides to investigate.

Red, as it turns out, isn’t the only guest who arrives at Fabletown.

Red’s identity is revealed. War begins in Fabletown and of course it ends with you wanting more!


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