Fables: The Mean Seasons Comic Book Review!

Reveals Cinderella “Cindy” is working her hidden talents to spy for Bigby.

The beginning of the comic is shows some of the material used for “The Wolf Among Us” video game, which was pretty cool!

We get Bigby’s back story, sort of, during the war and his fight with Frankenstein Monster.

Snow goes into labor and gives birth to six cubs, which some look human while the others look like their father, a bit wolfie.

The election between Prince Charming and King Cole finally starts.

Prince wins, shocking since he made promises up and down for votes, and King Cole is devastated and pretty much becomes homeless.

Once Bigby and Snow are alone with their cubs, Snow tells Bigby that she will be forced to lve at the Farm because of the conditions of their kids.

Fable rule #1- You must ALWAYS appear human.

Not just that, but since Prince Charming is now mayor of Fabletown and is Snow White’s ex-husband, she refuses to be around while he rules.
Bigby then resigns and appoints Beast as the new Sheriff and with Snow’s resignation as well, Beauty fills the open spot.

Sadly, Bigby isn’t allowed to set foot in the Farm, the same place Snow will be taking the cubs based on Fable rules.

Boy Blue goes missing, taking the Witching cloak, Vorpal sword and Pinocchio’s body with him.

Bigby then falls completely off the grid.

Bigby’s father suddenly makes and appearance to the Farm.

Riots break out for the lack of glamours, the very one Prince Charming promised them. Beast and Beauty realize that the job isn’t as easy as Snow and Bigby made it seem.

Yeah, they pretty much hate life! Hilarious!

Won’t give out too much away and will say, SHIT GETS REAL!!


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