Forget You Book Review



Girl gets into a car wreck and loses her memory of the night before. Her boyfriend ignores her and the boy who she dislikes is being extremely nice to her. Pretty much the story!

Don’t be fooled by my rating. Sure, I only gave it two stars because the book didn’t grab me, as I thought it would. It did get a bit interesting closer to the end, but I can’t ignore the whole beginning just because of a small part at the end.

I felt more compassion towards Doug, that I did with Zoey. I love romance books, and before, teen romance was usually what I looked for. However, this book really pissed me off! Guess because the teens made stupid choices. Yes, I know, because they’re young, but so was Clary, or Katniss and they were mature about serious situations.

The only thing that made me feel sympathetic towards Zoey, was when it involved her parents. Now, if you think your parents are bad, look at what she has to deal with.

The relationship between Zoey and her “boyfriend” and her friends really irritated me. The dude is a dick and her friends are self centered! The one person that really cared about her was Doug, and she tried him like shit.

I was hoping that this book would have me hooked on every page, unfortunately it didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I would recommend this book, to someone much younger.


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