Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: S.O.S Season Finale Episode Review! (Contains Spoilers)

If you haven’t watched last night’s 2-hour season finale, STOP READING!

For the Spoiler free review Season 2 Finale 

Review is going to be a spoilers galore!

Jiaying (Dichen Lachman) has declared war against Shield, claiming that Gonzales (Edward James Olmos) shot her. Jiaying is one crazy, manipulative bitch, let me tell you!

Skye, of course, sees her mother bleeding from a shot wound runs to her aid. May and Simmons are confused with the sudden turn of events.

This brings us an awesome fight sequence between Skye and May! This scene definitely reminded me of Anakin and Obi-wan in the Revenge of The Sith. May counter attacks every move Skye makes, since she’s the one that taught her, was just a padawan vs. their master!

Coulson is informed and has suspicions that Jiaying is behind everything. May and Simmons evacuate the land of Inhumans, only to find out that one of Inhumans had hijacked their planes and attacked the village, making it seem like Shield was attacking.

Told you, Jiaying = bitch!

Skye is still confused by everything and goes to the one person she swore to stay away from…Raina. With Raina’s ability to see the future, or somewhat predict what’s to come, reveals to Skye that Jiaying isn’t the sweet and caring mother she claims to be.

Jiaying learns of this and with the fear of her people or Skye learning the truth ends up killing Raina. Only to have Skye hidden in the shadows and sees everything! Jiaying then knocks out Skye.

Umm…some mother!

Coulson and the team have something else to worry about as well. Bobbi has gone missing and the quickly find out that Agent 33 impersonated May, again, and took her.

Cal is safety locked up when Simmons informs Coulson that the veils he had with him contains different mixers that should have already killed him. Cal reveals that he that since he wasn’t born with Inhuman powers, then he would create his own.

Yeah, like that wouldn’t turn horribly wrong!

Alone behold, Ward is behind it! Bobbi tied is then tortured…with a needle inside her finger nail! Ward then orders Bobbi to apologize to Agent 33 for betraying her. A very twisted intervention! Bobbi laughs at Ward for being a hypocrite, since he betrayed his entire team!

If I haven’t said this before Bobbi is one bad ass character!!

Ward knows that the team will soon arrive at their location to save Bobbi, so he sets up a trap!

May and Hunter head out to try to find Bobbi, not aware of the danger they’re walking into. Bobbi is then tied up to a chair facing the door with a loaded gun beside her. Catch it, it’s wired connected to the door. So when Hunter opens the door, the gun would fire, their idea of plan B since Bobbi refused to apologize to Cara/Agent 33.

Coulson tries reasoning with Cal, all for Skye and the prevention of more deaths, when Cal goes into a shock. Simmons manages to save him, only to have sparked the transformation. Dude turns into an ugly monster!

Mack is back and full swing! He sees the Inhumans carrying Skye’s unconscious body into a locked room.  The Inhumans take over the ship, leaving Mack to fight alone, until he rescues Skye.

Coulson then traps Cal and somehow gets him to see that Jiaying must be stopped. Cal then asks to help. Did not see that coming!

Jiaying then kills unarmed shield agents using the crystals in front of her people, to which doesn’t settle well for Lincoln.

Mack and Skye team up to take back the ship and stop Jiaying.

Hunter and May finally arrive to Bobbi’s location and encounter Agent 33 and Ward. May quickly comes up with a plan! Cara thinking there are more agents around disguises herself as May once more, only to back fire! Ward comes out and shoots her, thinking it was May, and kills her. It was just an amazing scene, because it answered the burning question of Ward’s side. He was never truly on Shield’s side, the way he quickly killed the May double.


Hunter finds the door to the room Bobbi is locked in, and just as he opens the door Bobbi manages to swing herself in front of the bullet!

Bobbi arrives, barely alive, with Hunter and May holding her just as Simmons gets to work in trying to keep her alive.

Skye confronts Lincoln, who confused about which side to be on, when Mack comes up to the back and knocks him out,”crack heads first, ask questions later.” Good plan Mack!

Jemma seeing Hunter and Bobbi together makes her realize just how quickly one can be taken away from you. THIS MOMENT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR SINCE SEASON 1!

Jemma catches Fitz gearing up to leave with Coulson, and brings up what Fitz had said to her at the bottom of the ocean. Fitz thinking that there still no point in discussing it, Jemma grabs him and says “Maybe there is.” WHAT?! OMG YES!!!! When suddenly Coulson interrupts them! Timing Coulson, TIMING!

Mack guarding the crystals is attacked by Gordon, or “no eyes,” like he calls him, when Coulson and Fitz arrive. Fitz then uses a device that will trap Gordon inside the room.

Skye unsuccessfully tries to stop her mother, when Alisha, the cloning chick, attacks her. Suddenly Lincoln comes to her rescue…along with May!


This scene is where Fitz has the GREATEST LINE OF THE ENTIRE SEASON!

Gordon realizes that he’s trapped and says “how?”

Fitz, “science Biatch!” You can definitely tell that Joss Whedon wrote this episode, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Gordon is finally taken out by Fitz himself, thank god because for a second it looked like Gordon had snuck up behind Fitz and stabbed him. Just as Gordon is about to fall, he drops a crystal, and Coulson manages to catch it before it hits the ground.

Coulson holding the crystal, his hand starts to disintegrates slowly moving towards his arm when Mack chops his hand off!

Skye catches up to Jiaying, only to have Jiaying nearly killing her own daughter when Cal arrives and takes her out.

Bobbi wakes up and sees Hunter beside her and of course Hunter telling her that getting a bullet for him was stupid. Hunter informs her that she has a lot of recovering to do, when she says “she can’t do this anymore.” Can’t do this anymore meaning hiding her feeling for Hunter or is she quitting Shield?

What I didn’t see coming was that I suddenly felt sympathy for Cal! Skye and Cal share a heartfelt goodbye.

We see Ward at a bar when four men walk in with a list of names, and this moment Ward is now the head of Hydra!

Skye sees Cal outside a vet’s office and we learned the Shield erased his memories. Cal is now a proud vet and eager to help one pet at a time.

It’s a bittersweet moment for Skye, but it was the only way for her father to have a normal life, away from Shield and Inhumans.

Coulson then assigns Skye to the program that consists of people with abilities. One condition Skye wants is that all of it has to be anonymous.

Think it ends…WRONG-O!

Fitz and Jemma are alone with the big black glob in a box, when Fitz asks out Jemma! Totally an awww moment… when it’s ripped apart as soon as Fitz leaves the room.

When Jemma notices the cage is open and IT SUDDENLY EXPANSE AND SWALLOWS HER WHOLE!

WHY! WHY END IT THIS WAY!! Of course I understand why, to make you want to see what happens next. Still total torture!

Other than The Walking Dead, this was one of the best season finale’s I’ve ever seen!

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Returns September!




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