Dangerous Boy Book Review!

Don’t let the title or the cover fool you! It was surprisingly good!

Harper isn’t one to take risks, even little ones like public speaking. In fact, she has a list of all the fears she has. The reason why was sort of heartwarming. After losing her mother from a tragic rock climbing accident, Harper has now set herself away from what her mother that was harmless fun that cost her her life.

That changes when she begins dating the new boy in town. Logan is not only very sweet but manages to get Harper to not only reveal her fears but to overcome them. Harper feels like someone has finally noticed her.

Her cousin Adam, whose more like a brother she’s never had, and his girlfriend Allie, whose her bestfriend, and her oldest friend Bick, are more like family then friends to her. Even though they care deeply for her, Logan was someone she felt like loved her without having to.

Since her mother’s tragic death, Harper’s father distance himself from every really being around Harper, with running their farm and their animals, Harper felt abandon. Something, surprisingly enough Logan understood, since he himself lost both parents as well.

Harper feels safe and loved with Logan, and everything seems like a fairytale until strange things start happening in their town. Hundreds of dead birds are piled up outside their school and red hand prints are marked in every car in their high school’s parking lot, too name a few.  However, they ignore it and consider it a sick joke, when suddenly Harper starts receiving roses with pictures and notes claiming “she’s being watched”

Harper trying to find a logic explanation learns that Logan hasn’t been 100% truthful. I don’t want to give too much away and if I continue you might figure out what ends up happening…like I did!

Through about less than half way I had a suspicion about who was targeting Harper and alone behold…I was right! It definitely has the same theme of a 1960 horror film. Won’t say the name because you’ll again figure out the plot of the book.

Even though I managed to figure it out, I was still eager to continue, which is a great compliment!

Overall, I really enjoyed and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a mystery story with a twist!


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