Shadowhunter Frenzy!

Today is day 1 of filming Shadowhunters for abcfamily, and man oh man was there a lot of news before that!


First, they announced our Jace! Dominic Sherwood

The sexy, sarcastic yet totally kick ass shadowhunter, who basically turns Clary’s world up side down.

Next on the casting list was Isabelle Lightwood and Simon Lewis. Emeraude Toubia was chosen to play the kick ass, seductive yet protective Isabelle Lightwood. Alberto Rosende will be playing Clary’s bestfriend Simon Lewis, though on a bit on the geek side, Simon always put Clary’s views first.

It only seemed right that another Lightwood would be announced, and it did. Matthew Daddario was cast to play Jace’s parabatai and Isabelle’s brother, Alec Lightwood. Simon isn’t the only man that protected Clary, but her might as well be father, Luke Garroway who will be played by Isaiah Mustafa.

The big casting news was, who would play the leading lady Clary Fray! Katherine McNamara will be playing the young lady that has her whole world turned up side down, when she finds out that not only was her mother a shadowhunter but has now been kidnapped.

The more than shared pictures or videos thanking the fans for all the support, I was beginning to see the characters come to life! I was jumping with glee…AND THERE WAS STILL MORE TO COME!

Everyone was then asking, who would play the evil Valentine Morgenstern! Alan Van Sprang was crown! Valentine wanted an army of powerful shadowhunters and would kill anything in his way…including his own family.

The cast then needed glitter…LOTS OF GLITTER! Magnus Bane needed to come to life and Harry Shum Jr. was chosen to do just that! A warlock from Brooklyn, filled with hundreds of years of wisdom and magic and again glitter, will come to help the shadowhunters to stop Valentine and his lust for power.

Last but not least, Jocelyn Fray, Clary’s mother and former Shadowhunter was yet to be cast. Maxim Roy will be playing a major role in the story line, Jocelyn Fray isn’t only the mother of Clary but pretty much sets the story in motion. Jocelyn wants nothing more than to protect Clary from not only from danger but from the truth, which leads into her kidnapping.

Maxim Roy was kind enough to give us a little taste of the awkward triangle! I love this!

I can not be more excited about this series! With every photo shared of the set, my fangirling screams yet louder and louder.

Day 1 is a wrap…atleast in our end, and I can’t wait what they share on day 2!


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