Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark Book Review!

90s child here! I definitely remember reading this book in elementary school with my friends and thinking it was the scariest book alive!

Scary stories to tell in the dark are a collection of tales that are great for kids looking for a spooky story to tell at night. Whether it’s a sleepy over, over a camp fire or bored out of your mind and want to make a child’s bladder explode.

I picked this book based on the next section of the 2015 reading challenge, which called for a, Book from your childhood, not because I was expecting to be kept up at night with the lights on.

What I loved about this stories was that, as corny as they by be, it’s a great start from kids who want to start reading horror.

Perhaps in the 90s it would’ve been considered too graphic, you know with some of them having ripped off ones limbs or have a high schooler with her eyes falling off her socket. However, on this day in age I don’t think parents should worry about this particular book. Just be thankful your child is reading!

On that note, I enjoying traveling back to my childhood and would recommend this book to my nephews, who are 11 and 10. I would point out that some stories can be frightening to younger audience and all although I say 10 and up are acceptable, you’re child might not like.

Every child is different! So your child might enjoy it and get a little scared, or might not like it because it wasn’t scary or they might hate it because it scared the crap out of them and they’re keeping you up at night.



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