A Discovery of Witches Book Review!

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness was the next category on my reading challenge, which asked for “A Trilogy.”

Luckily a friend of mine had given me her copy and with a little research on the summary/reviews, I got started.

Diana Bishop, who is a witch that ignores her heritage, is a young scholar at Oxford and while researching manuscripts, she calls upon one that has been lost for centuries. Without meaning to or realizing she had unlocked a very powerful manuscript. Diana then meets vampire scholar Matthew Clairmont, who informs her that she’s being watched. Diana and Matthew establish a relationship, which breaks major rules, and now have vampire, witches and demons after them for that manuscript.

Sounds exciting and interesting…

Though it had the opposite effect on me. Reading the first 3 chapters, this book did something a book has NEVER DONE…to me to sleep!  Every book I’ve ever read, rather I enjoyed it or not, have never made me so bored to actually put me to sleep. I then decided to give the audio book a chance.

Now I need to say this before I continue. Audio books to me should only be used when it’s really difficult materials, such as Arthur C. Clarke, Philip K. Dick or George Orwell, know who use really long $10 dollar words to describe entering a room.  The only times I’ve ever listened to an audio book was with Dan Brown books, and Rebecca by Daphne De Maurier. When I recommend people who are non-readers about audio books, I highly advice that audio books are very risky. The narrator has to really follow the story in a way that isn’t just them reading the words off the page, but bring them to life, as you would imagine reading in your head.

The people who read Dan Brown books was awesome, sadly I don’t remember his name, but I remember his changing in sex and different accents. Rebecca by read by River Song herself (Doctor Who reference) Alex Kingston, hers was no surprise either!

Jennifer Ikeda read the novel beautifully! Though sadly didn’t change my perspective of the book.

There were moments where I though it would finally pick up the pace, to just fall flat once more. The scenes seem to drag on and on. The discussions about Alchemy and physics etc. made me feel like I was reading off a text book. I’m all for learning things in my readings but this didn’t seems fascinating enough to keeping on the theme of the story.

I’m very disappointment that it didn’t do for me what others have raved on about. It wasn’t a horrible book, though you would think I would say, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. To use Diana’s words, kind of.

The reading challenge was to chose a trilogy and this didn’t met my expectations and of course won’t continue the series, so I changed for “a book with more than 500 pages,” which this book has 579 pages. Yeah, this book is long!

I’ll have to find a new series to take it’s place.



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