Daredevil Netflix Series Season 1 Review!

Netflix is doing something kick ass!! Bringing shows, such as Daredevil to life and make it cool again…bravo sirs and ma’mas.

Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) and his bestfriend/ business partner Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson) are trying to make a name for themselves as lawyers in their town of Hell’s kitchen. What makes their characters likable is they’re surroundings and their attitude towards each other. Another special trait…Matt is blind.

Matt lost his sight after car accident involving a truck with chemical tanks, spilled on his eyes at the age of 9. His father, a boxer, who ingrained books and school into Matt’s head. However, after losing his sight, Matt gained more abilities. His hearing intensified, to where he could hear from blocks away or the sound of someone’s heart beat.

The pilot episode definitely hooks you in from the moment his confession ends. You have an man, whose blind trying to help people using the legal system, and at night fight the bad guys who think they can do whatever they want because their being paid from someone who owns everything.

This show is so awesome, that I can’t begin to describe! You see the conflict in Matt in his double life his set for himself, all for the greater good. Daredevil has the feeling of Batman begins mixed in there, which is a plus!

I’m beyond excited in what these guys take Daredevil and the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Charlie Cox as Daredevil was so perfect that you can finally forget that before when you heard Daredevil you thought Ben Affleck. He’s going to be an awesome Batman so I can’t bash him anymore. Affleck you have been saved my friend!

Daredevil is a show worth binge watching! A show worth watching period! That is a great compliment. Season 2 will be even more intense since they’re going to bring The Punisher, played by Shaun himself (Jon Bernthal).

Marvel is kicking ass!

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