Grey (Christian’s Perspective) Book Review!

3 years…it’s been 3 years since I read Fifty Shades of Grey. I loved the series and like any series, I felt lost once it was over. Then, E.L. James gave us an insight to Christian’s mind only to leave us hanging…until now!

Grey gave us what we’ve been waiting for.

Again if you didn’t like Fifty then obviously you won’t like Grey, since it does dig deeper into Christians’s dark past.

I constantly hear both negative and positive opinions about the world of Fifty when I say I’m a fan of the series. It goes from “oh my god I would so do Christians” to “are you fucking kidding me with this!”

No two persons ever read the same book.” – Edmund Wilson. Right on Ed, right on!

Whenever I hear negative comments about something I love or just really enjoy, of course I feel the need to express why I like it so much. This book is no different. 

Now, I’ll try to explain each point based on EVERY SINGLE THING PEOPLE HAVE SAIDhopeful it will give it a different light.

Before I begin, I’m assuming you’ve read Fifty shades of Grey (Book 1)

Christian Grey is a very successful business with a very sad and dark past. What people see in him is drive, and determination. What people don’t see, is that those characteristic run far deeper. The book started with Christian having a nightmare, that he reveals aren’t are frequent as  they use to be, that wakes him up.

Control is like a second limb for him, one he must always have. To burn off steam Christian relays on exercise or something far more controversial.

Anastasia Steele agrees to help out her friend/room mate interview Mr. Grey for their school newspaper, since her friend feel ill. Just as Fifty began with Anastasia interviewing Christian and we all felt the intense meeting, now we go to see what went on his head.

Just like any other man, he checks out the woman who literally fell into his office. However, most guys when they see someone they find attractive and see if they can hit a home run, Christian’s screening processes takes a bit more work.

Christian’s life is is based on control, and that goes with his sexual relationships. BDSM (Dominant/Submissive) relationship, which consists whips, toys, and well you get the idea. Overall, it’s based on absolute control. Christian sees Anastasia as a possible submissive, and though he’s familiar with the lifestyle, she might not be.

Christian ends up finding her…different from anyone he’s ever had a “relationship” with. One of the many things I loved about Anastasia was that even though her she was attracted to him, EVEN having lost her virginity, she stayed true to herself. She was still stubborn, sarcastic, and caring person she was before she even knew about him.

I loved seeing how conflicted he was when he met Anastasia despite his many pages of rules and expectations.

Now, is it healthy? Probably not, but then again is every relationship really healthy? Think about every heartache, every fight and tell me why you stay? Love? Granted, I believe “love” has lost its value, but most of the time when people argue or fight they still stay together for the sake of working out their issues. Same goes for Christian and Anastasia’s.

Christian comes from a mother who was a drug addict and sold her body to pay for it. He not only witness the beating of his mother but received some himself. Being exposed to that lifestyle is bound to leave it’s mark, physically and mentally.

The thing that strikes me as interesting about him, is that he so desperately tries to be someone he better then what he sees himself being but loses himself doing it. Very confusing, I know!

He sees himself as a monster and one not worthy of love and compassion, which is why he doesn’t allowed being touched when he’s intimate with someone. His confidence is so off the grid that the thought of Anastasia declaring her love for him is pure insanity.

One thing I wished this book had is more into his background instead of flashbacks, but the ones that were given were very sad and dark. One major problem I have with Grey is “dirty mind.”

Now it’s not because it’s dirty, because I’ve had my share of dirty talk in some of my books. However, it seemed like E.L James was trying SO HARD, no punt intended, to sound like a dude and it turned out no sounding like a dude at all.

Still following? For example, the over use of baby kills me! If guys really are talking that way that I’m not aware of, KNOCK IT OFF! Just because you hear in a porno doesn’t mean it sounds at all attractive. That being said a lot of the sex scene I was put off because of his dialog. Disappointment much!

Other than those, I enjoyed learning more about Christian and really understanding the choices he makes not just his sex life but his overall way of life.

Am I saying start a S &M relationship? NO! Unless you’re into that…then have at it. I’m saying this book and the rest of the series isn’t about that but about someone whose lived a dark life and finds someone worthy changing for. It’s truly a love story guys, and if you don’t like then don’t read. It’s not simple.

Overall, Grey filled in some blanks from Fifty and little more insight to his head, which could have been done a little better. Would definitely read more of him if Ms. James releases another book!





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