Comic Con 2015 Part 1!

After two years of trying to get my hands on tickets for Comic con, baby Jesus delivered! I was finally going again and I couldn’t be more excited! Days went by a flash and I quickly realized that I need a strict, plain, laid out schedule.

You see you could just go and walk around the convention, but if you’re a hardcore fan and you’re looking for specific things then you better do your homework before hand.

Comic con isn’t just comics or a place you go to show off your skills in costume design. It’s a home to much more!

Movies, television, books, and comics are all wrapped around in a huge Christmas present. All in one place.  You also have panels, exclusive interviews from actors who portray certain beloved character, that is if you’re lucky to get into, you would have information before anyone else in the world. However, like tickets for Comic con, the panels are just as difficult.

Every year big movies make they’re debut at Comic con, and the use that opportunity to give fan exclusive first look at upcoming blockbuster hits.

This year was focused on Star Wars: Episode VI- The Force Awakens and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

And as luck would have it, Star Wars panel was set for Friday and my ticket was for Saturday. Yeah, I was as angry as a teenager who found out her parents took away the WIFI. That’s angry!

However, I had good news! Batman vs. Superman was going to be on Saturday! YAY! I was ready to see them…only I didn’t know how.

That’s when a good friend of mine informed me about these awesome things called toucan wrist bands” that were exactly what I needed to see them.

How the toucan wrist bands work is that you would need to wait in line until the set time they announce are going to hand them out. Each panel has a different time as well as each of them are in a different day. Yeah, confusing I know.

For example: You want to see Star Wars and the panel is set for Saturday. You would have to wait in line on Friday to receive your Saturday pass. Online and the booklets you receive when arriving have the time they would be giving out the wristbands.

The wristbands for Saturday would be given out on Friday at 8:00pm and the Sunday pass would be given out on Saturday at 9:00pm. See, each panel and day are different.

So I was ready to wait in line for a few hours and get my pass to see Batman vs. Superman. Although, I wasn’t ready at all. Before I get into my horrible horrible Friday, a day before my actual entrance of Comic con, let me start from the beginning of my day.

I wasn’t in this alone, but with my partner in crime, well at least one of them. My nephew Andrew was very excited when I told him he would be joining me and this awesome experience.

Any child from the ages of 12 and younger are granted FREE admission.

After checking in on the hotel, me and my nephew packed up what I thought would make our time in line pass quickly. Grabbing my roller cooler, filled with Gatorade, waters, and redbull (I needed something to get me through) and two lawn chairs as well as my backpack, we hit the road. It didn’t hit me until I got off the freeway that I had no idea where I was going to park. Fan-fuckin-tastic! I drove for almost an hour looking for parking since some public parkings were either, too expensive, full or weren’t accepting parking for the event. Yeah that shocked me too!

Finally, I found a hotel that allowed me to park! My nephew and I grab our stuff out of the car and began walking…

Oh yeah, here’s the first bump on the road in our trip.

While we began walking I had programmed my GPS with our location and the convention center. Results…a mile an a half walk away from the convention! My poor nephew and I walked and walked while carrying our stuff for that night, but we had positive thinking on our side. We were determined to see Batman vs. Superman, and damn it we were going to see them!

After our almost 2 mile walk we arrived at Comic Con! Seeing all the amazing cosplays made us forget about our exercise we had to do to get there. Well, almost, but it was still pretty cool!

Now, I had to figure out if I could get my wristband.

One of the rules for the wristbands is that you must have either your barcode or your badge to receive your wristband for any panels. I had printed out my barcode but the fear of them rejecting it was on the back of my mind. I was able to get my badges early! We were ecstatic!

With my badge “safety” pinned on my shirt we began walking, yet again, to the pier where the line for the panel was being held.

Second bump, or better yet a HUGE SLAP ON THE FACE, on the road.

Half way to our line for the panel I realized my badge was missing. Looking all around us, I realized that someone had taken it. We had no choice but to walk all the way back to the badge pick-up, and informed them of my situation.

I had my badge for less than 5 minutes and they advised me that I had to pay full price for a replacement!


I had no choice but to pay full price for my Saturday badge and continue my walk to wait in line for a few hours. You can just imagine how upset I was, but I was determined to pull through for the sake of Batman vs. Superman!

We arrived at the line and boy was there a line! We finally had the chance to relax after our day of walking, walking plus more walking and losing my badge and replacing it.

Bump #3. Not knowing we were going to be in line for hours by the water, we had only one large sweater.


We were freezing and bored, even though he had his tablet (no internet) and my book (was too tired to even get it out) we came to the conclusion that we were in fact fucked.

I knew they were going to give out the wristbands at 9:30pm, so when the time hit I was beyond eager to receive them. However, the line was so long, which meant it would be a few extra hours for them to get to us. Granted if there were any wristbands left.

Midnight hit and nothing changed. People were just at antsy to get their passes, when I looked and saw my poor 10 year old nephew, who I made walk miles, had passed out from exhaustion. It took one look at him and I knew I couldn’t wait much longer while he shivered from the cold. I packed up our stuff once more, woke him up and left before they handed out the wristbands.

I’m an aunt first! Don’t get me wrong, I was extremely upset because we now had to walk all the way back to our car that was almost 2 miles away from us at midnight.

GOOD NEWS! I didn’t know that there were shuttles from the convention that take you to your hotels, EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT STAYING AT A HOTEL!

There were 8 shuttle buses that were stationed in different parts near the convention, each had certain hotels stops. Not knowing this I tried to find the bus that would stop near our stop because each stop was at a hotel.

One step forward to be sent 2 steps back!

We had gotten off too soon and still had to walk about half a mile, which isn’t as much as we had early that day, but again it was cold, midnight, we were exhausted and we carrying a bunch of stuff.

We successfully arrived to our parking lot that held our car and drove back to our hotel room 15 minutes away from the convention center, with no wristbands.

I can’t remember the last time I was so exhausted that I could honestly pass out and I had two more days of Comic Con to go. The day went from bad to worst real fast.

Positive thinking? FUCK POSITIVE!! Okay, that’s not entirely true. Whether I had the wristbands or not, walked from Middle Earth and back, I was finally going to Comic Con and that had to be enough.

I was determined to make the next 2 days as easy that girl that slept with everybody, not that I knew anyone like that but I’ve heard there’s some in every high school.

Comic Con Part 2 I’ll tell you how Saturday and Sunday were and if it erased everything that happened Friday.

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