Arrow Season 1 Review!

Thanks to netflix, seasons 1-2, I can say with confidence that “my name is Oliver Queen.”

Spoilers! If you haven’t seen season 2 and you don’t want to know…then don’t read any further. But if you don’t give a tiny rats ass then “welcome”

Oliver Queen was shipwrecked and was stuck in a island for 5 years. He finally gets rescued and now that everyone thinking he had died, along with his father who was also on the boat but didn’t make it, now have Oliver back, or so they thought.

In the 5 years being in what he calls “Hellish island” Oliver isn’t the same man he once was. Of course we’ve all seen Cast Away , I hope, and we all saw how much Tom Hank’s character changed. Oliver is no exception.

Other than surviving we aren’t told, at least not right away, what exactly he did in 5 years until he arrives home to Starling City. This show has a Lost element that fills in certain parts of Oliver’s life on the island, using flashbacks just like Lost.

Any human being whose been away from civilization for a long period of time is going to have a change of mind set than they once were, just not everyone would become a vigilante for their city. Unless you do and have shit loads of money then high five!

Oliver returns home with a secret agenda, to right his father’s wrongs he’s done to their city. His rich ass family, might I add, is shocked but relived to have him back only to have him judge them about how much they’ve changed. Not yet realizing that they were that way before he left, but he’s the one with a conscious I guess.

Oliver’s father, before dying on the boat accident, left him a notebook of names that must be punished for their crimes. Basically he got a To-do list of criminals. Weapon of choice, bow and arrow! Male Katniss! Only Green Arrow came first so…

Sorry getting off topic!

His mission becomes a wee bit more difficult when his mother hires him a bodyguard for his “protection.” Yeah pretty sure he could take care of himself, but not he has to save his city and dodge his babysitter.

At first I didn’t think much about John Diggle, but after each episode you not only realize how cool he is but how important he ends up being to Oliver.

Felicity Smoak is one of my all time favorite characters EVER! She’s the Hermione of the trio for sure, only with more wit and humor!  Felicity is Queen’s Industry IT girl and becomes Oliver’s researcher before she officials joins the team.

Before starting the series I had heard about Olicity, Oliver and Felicity, but I honestly didn’t see it in the beginning. I for one just loved her character and loved the chemistry she had, not just with Oliver but with Diggs as well.

It didn’t take long for Oliver to realize that he was going to need help in accomplishing his father’s last wish. Their team works makes you feel like you’re a part it too. Let me just say I’m available!

So Oliver has his team, bodyguard who turns into his right hand man and his researcher/hacker, but fighting the bad sometimes seems like a walk in the park then what he has to deal with.

Oliver and his father weren’t the only ones on the boat, but Oliver’s girlfriend’s sister, yeah he was cheating on her with her own sister.

Low and douche move Oliver! Laurel thought she had lost both boyfriend and sister and then changes to just her sister, but then remembering that he cheated on her during. Dude! I was expecting Maury to just pop out at any moment.

To add more gasoline to the fire, Laurel’s father wasn’t too happy to see Oliver alive and well while his baby daughter is still gone. Oh and he’s a detective and despises who they call the “Hood” whose really Oliver.

I’m telling that the first few episodes were so intense I was about ready to call my doctor for prescription inhaler, cause I couldn’t breathe!

Getting into the show I was eager to see what kind of villains they were going to be introducing. What I really liked was that they not only brought them on but they included their backstory as well.

Deathstroke was a very interesting character and one who really got to know in the show as oppose to Deadshot’s character.

Other than these two, the other villains weren’t as cool or important. Not saying it was entertaining but they just didn’t capture my attention as much as Deathstroke and Deadshot.

Other than villains, there were companions that I had no idea about. Enter, Roy Harper aka Arsenal. I was so surprise to really like his character and him working with the Arrow!

I liked how different yet similar they were. Both wanting to do good while trying to keep their love ones safe but have huge baggage on their shoulders that no one person should have.

Okay, I get it superheros get laid, but SERIOUSLY! Oliver Queen gets LAID! I was starting to get as angry as Felicity when he got into yet another chick’s pants. I found it less appealing, not because he slept around, but because he claimed he was in love!


As clicked on the “next episode” button I began to see Olicity! I began cheering when they had their moments only to be torn by Oliver’s rejection!

What hurts most is how close they get but never cross that line but it being a centimeter away. I became a little too obsessed with Olicity but that’s what binge watching does to you. So I blame them!

Arrow season 1 hooked me in and refused to let me go and I was okay with that! Arrow is definitely worth watching and I can now say I’m a fan of Green Arrow, which I couldn’t say before this show.

I do hope they keep Stephen Amell as Green Arrow in the Justice League movie because he’s so popular and known already for that role. I don’t know if they would consider adding a tv character to a movie franchise but…I say it would be EPIC!


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