Arrow Season 2 Review!

Spoilers! If you haven’t seen season 2 and you don’t want to know…then don’t read any further. But if you don’t give a tiny rats ass then “welcome”

Felicity and Diggle head to the island in hopes of locating Oliver, who has escaped Starling City. From the way season 1 ended, you can’t blame him for leaving all behind. However, Felicity and Digs inform Oliver that his family’s company is being threatened to be taken over.

Oliver agrees to return for the sake of his family…only we all know that’s not going to be the end of “The Hood.”

Last seasons had plenty of flashbacks of Oliver on the island with Shado and Slade Wilson (before Deadstroke) but the question still remained as to how it happened.

This season finally gave us answers, with plenty of heart attacks in between!

We learn that Shado and Oliver had a thing on the island. BIG FUCKIN SURPRISE! This guy is shipwrecked and still manages to get laid!

Back to present time, instead of Laurel defending “the hood,” it’s Lance! Not only is detective Lance team Arrow, but Laurel has made it her mission to bring the Arrow down. Yeah, total swap!

This season also brought a new character/hero that surprisingly enough, kicked ass! The Canary makes it’s debut and one I was definitely not expecting!

The Canary ends up being…Sarah! Yeah the same chick who fooled around with her sister’s boyfriend and ended up “dead” and lost for years.

I liked that not only did they bring Sarah back and all kick ass glory, but they explained how it ended up that way.

I mean not everyone whose shipwrecked on an island comes back with knowledge of the force. In flashbacks Oliver and Sarah ended up meeting up in a non-happy reunion.

Sarah was saved by a boat who just so happened to hold men searching for a substance, known as Mirakuru, hidden on the island.

I’m all Olicity here guys but I loved Sarah as a part of the team. As Oliver tries to reconnect with Sarah, Felicity begins to feel left out.

Even though some people are happy with her return, one was way too pissed off.

League of Assassins. Yeah, you know the same group that belongs to Ra’s Al Ghul. Total ninjas of the night! Well, they just so happened to have trained Sarah.


Nyssa Raatko, daughter of Ra’s arrives to Starling City to bring Sarah back to the league. Now, I’m fairly new to the world of DC, other than Batman, but I was under the impression that Talia Al Ghul was Ra’s daughter. His only daughter.

With a bit of research I learned that Ra’s had a love child, Nyssa and later having Talia. Nyssa, though loyal to her father and the league, doesn’t really agree with some of Ra’s plans, which is very different the Talia.
Ah father /daughter spat.

Nyssa and the Canary aren’t the only ones who make an appearance, but Amanda Waller, leader of the Task Force X or better known as The Suicide Squad. Waller brings in Diggle and Lyla, Diggle’s ex-wife, to a mission involving criminals for time off their sentence.

In the group includes Deadshot! Same as Deadstroke, Deadshot has a back story!

Roy is exposed to theĀ Mirakuru, and Oliver sets out to become his mentor, as the Arrow of course! Roy, who was obsessed with finding and helping out the Arrow, now has to work with him or kill the people close to him, like Thea.

Roy was shaping into becoming kind of like Oliver’s Robin, only cooler. Not a Robin fan!

Speaking of LOVE…

Oliver and Felicity’s attraction is definitely higher in this season and we Olicitys couldn’t be happier!

But as always the writers enjoy torturing us, anyway possible and bring in another guy.

Not just any guy, might I add, but another superhero!

Barry Allen aka The Flash makes his debut too!

I couldn’t help but love the guy, not with Felicity but making Oliver jealous was way too satisfying.

Barry arrives to Starling City on a “case” he’s following up on from Central City. I loved his minor backstory and how he was Barry before he was The Flash.

The guy is pretty funny and exactly how I would have pictured him.

Not only was he a cameo but it was an introduction to the show The Flash, which I’m sure goes deeper into his backstory.

Haven’t had a chance to see it yet.

I just love how they’re connecting each Justice League character to a more friend- relationship!

For example: Batman and Superman

and now The Green Arrow and The Flash.


This show isn’t just going for “the edge of your seat” feeling, no they go straight to the “knock you off your seat and take the whole fuckin chair to land on top of you” feeling!

The season finale made you, no, FORCED YOU TO WANT MORE!


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