The Maze Runner Movie Review!

Late on the review, guys I’m well aware. As always…better late than never, right!

The movie starts with a kid trapped in a crate and traveling upwards. Once the crate stops, it’s open by a group of boys.

The kid inside doesn’t remember where he is, how he got there, or even his own name. The group’s leader is Alby (Aml Ameen) and takes charge as to ease the new kid in.

Alby reassures him that his name will come in time, and that everyone had the same experience when they first arrive. Days pass and Greenie, as they called him, remembers his name being Thomas (Dylan O’Brian) but unlike everyone else, he remembers a bit more.

Just as Thomas begins to understand what the rest of the group has done, something occurs that makes Thomas want to change everything. One of the boys is “stung” and is changed psychologically. Acting like a mad man, the group tell Thomas that the venom is pretty much worse than death.

Their only way out is through the maze, and only the “runners” are allowed to go in and search for any way out. Not happy with being left out, Thomas takes action and enters the maze. Thomas is then faced with a “Griever” a monstrous creature hidden within the gates.

As if they didn’t need more things to worry about. A new shipment arrives, and while that doesn’t seem like something you should freak out about, for them it’s huge. The crate only arrives once a month and with Thomas being their last, having a new crate less than a month is completely unexpected. However, the crate isn’t caring another boy…but a girl!

Teresa is fast asleep inside the crate and wakes with a start saying “Thomas.” Thomas and Teresa being to talk and try to figure out what makes them so different then rest of them, and try to get out.

Thomas and some of the group realize that their home, or the place they have made into a home, is no longer safe. With each clue, Thomas has more and more questions and one answer he wasn’t expecting.

I read the series before seeing the film and I was hoping to see everything I’ve picture come to life. As a movie, it’s entertaining but as an adaption it’s not as good as the book. I loved the series and I wanted the movie to have that same effect on me, but it fell short. Not saying it’s not worth watching, cause it really it. Just saying that if you are a fan of the series, than the movie won’t impress you as much. I believe that if I hadn’t read the books I would probably feel different about the movie.


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