The Space Between Book Review!

This book shouldn’t have taken me as long as it did, and I kind of blame Arrow for it. Granted, I didn’t know I would become obsessed with the show, that it took most, and by most I mean all, of my time. This book had such an interesting concept but fell flat to me.

I wasn’t as intrigued as the summary first had me and that was disappointing. Daphne is half angel, half demon. Living in the Pandemonium, Daphne is fascinated with humans and pretty much stays clear of everyone enjoying taking anything good away from humans.

Daphne is then on a rescue mission when her brother goes missing down on Earth. The last one to see her brother alive is a human boy whose seeking death as a way out.

Truman is struggling with living since the death of his mother. Drugs and drinking¬†isn’t the danger he’s in, but a shadow of a man that haunts his dreams.

Daphne’s only hope to find her brother is if she could get Truman to help her without him dying on her first.

What lacked was getting my absolute attention and take me into this world of angels and demons. As I continued I just found myself hoping it would end soon, which isn’t something I like in a book. Not at all saying it’s bad and some might say it was great, based on the reviews I’ve read, but I just didn’t get that vibe.

Closer to the end I was beginning to enjoy it and that sucked! To have gone almost two hundred pages and it finally pull you in on the last ten won’t erase everything else.

Now the question to, if I would recommend it to anyone, would be yes but with a little input of course.


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