Fantastic Four Movie Review!

Do you remember that Fantastic 4 with Chris Evan (Captain America) and Jessica Alba? I would gladly have that movie on repeat than rewatch this movie.

I knew, I just knew this movie wasn’t going to be better than the original but to be worse is so sad.

The film starts off with a flash back of Reed and Ben, who will later known as Mr. Fantastic and The Thing, when they first met. Reed shows Ben what he’s been working on that would change the course of history.

Years later Reed (Miles Teller) is approached by Dr. Franklin Storm (Reg E. Cathey) and his daughter Sue (Kate Mara) and offer him a lifetime opportunity to do what he’s always wanted to know, make a difference.

Reed then begins to perfect the teleporter and with unlimited resource, the idea seems doable and closer to his reach. 

With the help of Sue, Victor Van Doom (Toby Kebbell) and later Sue’s brother Johnny (Michael B. Jordan) the team work together that would later change their lives forever. Yeah, we all know the story!

Let me talk a little bit about the characters/ actors. AWKWARD!! Off my miles in my opinion! First they make Victor smarter than Reed. Isn’t Reed suppose to be the smartest man? Not only that, but they make Victor a hacker!? WHAT!

Now, I’ve heard people saying “oh they made Johnny black when in the comics he’s white, how dare they?” etc. Listen, color has NOTHING TO DO WITH BRING A BELOVED CHARACTER TO LIFE AND SUCCEEDED.

If you are so focused on the race let’s look back shall we. Nick Fury, is a white guy and who plays him that made Nick Fury such a bad ass? Oh yeah a black man by the name of Samuel L. Jackson! I couldn’t have casted a better Nick Fury than Mr. Jackson and now no one can think of Fury without Samuel L. Jackson coming to mind. So you see, color has nothing to do with it.

That being said, I was all for Michael B. Jordan taking on the role of Johnny Storm. However, it didn’t fit right. Johnny is known to be sarcastic, reckless, and hilarious. Though he had some moments with those characteristic, it felt forced.

What I did like was that once they received their powers the government wanted to use them for their own personal soldiers, and I liked that since it’s exactly what the government would do. That’s about it. I liked the concept instead of the actual movie.

Now, these are fantastic actors (not on purpose, swear) but it takes more than great acting than nailing the role of certain comic book characters. I believe that these actors were chosen based on their looks and statues in Hollywood, which should’ve taught them that, it’s probably not the right way to go.

Overall, I knew Fantastic Four was going to fail and yet wanted to be proven wrong. All it proven was that I am in fact always right. Okay I won’t go that far, but it did suck balls.

Fantastic Four should be left alone until someone knows how to do it correctly!


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