Fear The Walking Dead Season Premiere Review!

Sunday night was the premiere of AMC’s Fear of the Walking Dead, the “prequel of The Walking Dead, and as a fan, like myself, I had high hopes for this show.

It delivered! It was definitely a show worth the watch, and based on the ratings, people did just that.

Nick wakes up from being high as fuck, and finds his girlfriend eating someone’s face off. Now, we know what kind of happen as Walking Dead fans. The bitch died, probably OD and of course once someone dies the turn into walkers.

Nick freaks out and runs out, only to get hit by a car. This is the first scene of LA before the infection spread.

Travis and Madison, a teacher and guidance counselor of a high school and couple, get the call of Nick’s accident. Once they arrive they find Nick with tubes and very weak. Based on their reactions, along side Alicia, Madison’s daughter, this isn’t the first time Nick has been brought to the hospital.

Travis and Madison are trying to have their two families combined but with a vicious world wide virus that might be a little more difficult.

Alicia is over her family and their “trying to all get along” attitude that her only goal is to leave town with her boyfriend. Alicia is very distant to her family and having her brother say he would get clean is something she’s heard plenty of times before he relapses.

Nick then confide in Travis about what he saw and not knowing if it were the effects of the drug or his mental state, which he hopes it’s not. Travis then travels back to where Nick would hid out and seek answers.

Travis concludes that something terrible did happen and just then hell begins. Suddenly the news break about the dead rising. I love seeing the expressions of the characters while the outbreak happens. Knowing more about the situations then the characters is a different experience than what we’re use to seeing in The Walking Dead.

The final scene we see Madison, Travis and Nick witnessing what can only be described as the start of the zombie apocalypse. I’m extremely relieved that the show started with a great start and an ending of wanting more. Just as every show should have!

Although it may have the same theme and creative team as The Walking Dead, the feeling of it is different. To make the audience know more about the world than the characters makes it it’s own genre, and that isn’t an easy task.

Catch Fear of The Walking Dead every Sunday only on AMC at 9pm!


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