Release Me Book Review!

Have I grown out of the billionaire with a dark past who becomes obsessed with a younger woman genre? Or maybe it’s the fact that it was almost dead on to Fifty Shades. I guess Fifty filled my tank in the whole heart break, intense love scenes and broken, sexy, rich man.

Now, was it horrible? No! Not at all. However, it was like reading Fifty again with the lack of pull that the novel had on me.

Nikki is ready to live her life, and in order for her to do that she had to move from Texas to LA and away from her controlling mother. Nikki is bright and ready to learn the ropes from people she knows are in the winning in the business world and that lands her face to face with the celebrity of the business world.

Damien Stark always had a mask on and I guess that’s why he noticed Nikki and her mask. From the meeting and on I had trouble feeling anything towards the main characters.

I know the novel is meant to be hot (sexual) but on the first time the meet! HAVE SOME PRIDE FOR THE MOTHER OF BABY JESUS!

At least make him work for it! When the actual sex did happen, sure it was steamy but again it sounded like Fifty. Which isn’t horrible but I did want to read something different. If I wanted Christian Grey I would have grabbed my copy and reread it.

There were some points that begin to look up for the novel to only fall short again. It being a trilogy, I don’t feel the urge to pick up book 2 let alone book 3. I am very disappointed and will now have to search for anything trilogy and just mark this book as something else on my reading challenge. Well, at least I get to check something off. Positive thinking huh.

I’m not saying people should read it, or that people might think the same way as me, because we’re all different. Based on the reviews it received people enjoyed it, which is awesome. It just lacked my attention.

So I’ll end it with, read at your own will!



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