The 100 Season 1 Review!

Seriously what was life before Netflix because I tend to forget. Season 1 is available for streaming.

Okay so The 100 is basically, Lost mixed with The Hunger Games. If you liked Lost, then this is definitely up your alley!

On my pilot review, ( The 100 Pilot Episode Review! ) I touched on the basic concept of the show, and I’ll try to sound like I’m copying and pasting the same thing.

Quick recap: Nuclear war caused the last remaining humans to live in space on a space craft called the Ark, for the past 97 years. The people in charge known as the counsel voted to send convicted juveniles down to Earth to test if it were safe to live on Earth again. Among the convicted is Clarke, the daughter of one of the counsel’s medic. Final count of juveniles…100.

You got yourself the story!

Well, obviously there’s more to it, but that premise. So you have adults that have control of the Ark, (space station) and voted to send bad ass kids down to Earth to see if it’s safe to return. We thought our justice system was bad.

There are many characters that have important roles on the show, but your main protagonist is Clarke. You could tell this chick doesn’t like a criminal, not compared to the rest. When they arrive on Earth, the kids are starstruck and celebrate.

Here’s my thought! Adults sent 100 of their own children to their deaths, granted they didn’t die but they didn’t know it would work, with no rules or authority. How could you possibly think this kids could survive?

What really captivated my attention was the separation of the two, adults and teens. You have adults fighting in space over who was the most power and down on Earth you have 100 teens, not only trying to survive but trying not to kill each other. Clarke, without realizing it, takes immediate leadership to whoever follows.

That causes groups that are lead by Clarke, who wants to find a way to communicate to the Ark of their statues. The second run by Bellamy, who has his own secret agenda.

As the season progresses, you see the teens evolving to someone different from when they were in space. I liked seeing, not only what the kids would do with each other, other than bang, but Clarke’s and Bellamy’s idea of leadership.

Like any show, of course there’s a hint of romance but what I liked most about the show was that it didn’t focus on that. Look I’m as obsessed with shipping certain characters but I prefer the story more and if the story and love interest fit than please do it. If not, please leave it be!

I knew this show was going to have some romance pairs, but not horny ass teenagers that would bang anything that moves! Honestly! This is was happens when adults aren’t around.

The character development of each of them is very impressive! I enjoyed learning about certain characters in each episode and not all at once. You learn why they choose specific decisions because of their pasts.

What I was surprised at was the change of direction this show takes you. One episode you’re rooting for a character and the next you’re rooting for the character you hated. This show is definitely taking notes from successful shows like The Walking Dead or reruns from Lost.

I love the unpredictability this show gives. I hate watching a show and know exactly where it’s leading. It takes away from the mystery and suspense that make a good show.

Overall The 100 is a must watch for anyone looking for a good show to binge watch!

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