Shadowhunters Tv Trailer!!

It’s here! It’s actually here! I feel like I’ve been waiting for this for ages and having the trailer makes it feel unreal!

Before you watch the adapted trailer for the adapted television series based on The Mortal Instruments series, there’s a few major changes that I hope work in their favor.

  • Clary bumps into Magnus at the Pandemonium, which doesn’t happen in the books. Clary meets Magnus at his party.
  • Clary stabs the blue haired demon in the Pandemonium.
  • Jocelyn marks Clary with a rune which teleports her elsewhere.


  • Dominic Sherwood kills it as Jace!! One thing that I was wondering about was if they were going to keep the British  accent, and now we know that their not. Which still works! Thank baby Jesus!
  • Harry Shum Jr. as Magnus is awesome! With his dramatic outfits and his glittery stare, he nails it!
  • The feel of the show is very quick-paste and mystical, which is how I envisioned when reading the series.

The trailer looks awesome but I did notice the changes and like any fan I hope it’s well executed. I’m super excited for this show!!

Shadowhunters will premiere early 2016, on what use to be abcfamily but will turn into, Freeform.


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