Clockwork Angel Book Review!

Huge fan of The Mortal Instruments series. That being said, I’ve been meaning to start reading the prequel, Infernal Devices, and see how it all began.

London 1878, sixteen year old Tessa Gray has received a note from her brother inviting her to London and live with him. Since Tessa’s aunt passed away and had no choice than to sell everything, having her brother reach out was a relief. Once Tessa arrived in London finding her brother wasn’t as difficult as she thought it would be. Two elderly women by the names Mrs. Dark and Mrs. Black greeted her and claimed to have orders from Nathaniel ( her brother) himself to escort her to their new home.

Tessa was then held hostage and forced to learn the hard truth. She had a special and rare ability to change form. The sisters who try to make Tessa believe this was for her old good, forced Tessa into changing from person to person.

Will and Jem aren’t you’re typical seventeen year old’s. The young men are Shadowhunters, warriors who take an oath to protect the mundanes from the creatures of Hell.

Tessa and Will cross paths when a murder occurs that may link them to other murders around London. Tessa wants nothing more than to find her brother and return to their normal lives, only it won’t be that easy. Will ends up saving Tessa from the sisters and takes her to the Shadowhunters safe haven, the Institute. Tessa, not only learns about the hidden world but more about herself.

Tessa learns that she’s a downworlder, such as vampires, werewolves, fairies, and warlocks, but not one that they have ever encountered. With trying to find her brother, with the help of shadowhunters, Tessa begins to learn the truth about her life.

The books was a little slow at first but picked up about half way through. Although it didn’t grab me as The Mortal Instruments did, I still enjoyed it. Just as TMI had a shocking twist at the end, this too had a WTF moment. Love those!

Didn’t quite meet my standards but good enough.


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