The Flash Season 1 Review!

Since I’ve been obsessed with Arrow, it seemed only far to give The Flash a shot.

Barry Allen ( Grant Gustin) is struck by lighting and wakes up from 9 months from a coma to having superpowers, super speed to be exact! Barry learns that  not only was he being taken care of in a building known an explosion in the city, but the very man he idolizes. Dr. Wells and his remaining team, Caitlyn and Cisco, help Barry learn about his ability as well as what has been happening to their home of Central City.

9 months before Barry was struck by lighting, Dr. Wells announced to the city a machine that would change the way the see pretty much everything. When the machine back fires it resulted in not just giving Barry his powers, but others as well.

Barry and his new team, help fight the metahumans, the people who gain abilities, that are causing destruction and chaos. Barry learns that fighting metahumans isn’t always the hardest part, but lying about his secret from his family is.

One of my favorite characters, other than Cisco (dude’s hilarious) is Joe. Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) is Barry’s adopted father. When Barry was only 11 years old, he watched his mother murdered right in front of him, while his father held and watched as well. What everyone didn’t believe was that there was a supernatural that killed his mother, however with no proof Barry’s father was convicted of the crime.

Now that Barry has superpowers his theory of something else that killed his mom could finally be proof to get his father’s release. Other than the story I was extremely excited to see the crossovers from Arrow. I loved when The Flash appeared in Arrow but it was a different feel when Arrow joined The Flash. I loved seeing that! What the show does really well is show case the difference of the two characters. The Flash is too soft and Arrow is too rough, to put it mildly. However, the similarity is the struggle to find the balance.

The show did a great job in the dynamic of friendship, which in all honestly didn’t think they would pull off. Barry, Cisco and Caitlin’s friendship is believable and one you root for just as I rooted for Oliver, Diggle and Felicity. I liked that they took their time in building that and not try to force them and make it look fake, which happens often.

There’s action, humor and cry worthy moments that make this show a must watch show! I enjoyed it and glad I binged watched it in time for the second season to premiere. This DC shows are killing it!!

The Flash season 2 is on the CW every Tuesdays at 8pm!

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