Star Wars 1977-2015 Trailers!

Fan of Star Wars or not, everything you love has some hint of it or reference. It’s everywhere! As a fan, I love how you can’t think of pop culture without thinking about the wars. JJ Abram’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens final trailer was released during the half time Monday night football. Let me say bravo in getting ratings for football because EVERY FANBOY/GIRL tuned in to watch.

What better way to end the end then to re-watch the trailers from 1977-2015!

Released May 25th, 1977

Released May 21th, 1980

Released May 25th, 1983

Released May 19th, 1999

Released May 16th, 2002

Released May 7th 2005

Arriving to the big screen, December 16th, 2015!

Trailer #3

Trailer #2

Trailer #1

December can’t come fast enough! I’m reliving my childhood and can’t contain my excitement so I babble on and on about until it comes on…and I’ll babble on once I watch it 17 times after.

Life of a fangirl is never done!

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