Arrow Season 4 So Far…

Okay, so we all know how obsessed I’ve become since I binge watched all three seasons of Arrow in three days. Typical normal behavior, right? So you can just imagine my excitement when season 4 premiered! I had planned to review the season premiere, but with some many returning shows and new shows, I just didn’t have time.

With that being said I decided on a “so far post”, which will just feature highlights of the last 4 episodes.

This post will contain spoilers! If you haven’t caught up then DO NOT READ ON!

3, 2, 1…

It’s been 5 months and Olicity is still safe and residing in the suburbs. We see a very different side of Oliver, with having the love of his life by his side and not having to check to see if there’s anyone chasing after him every second.

Surprised to see that Oliver is the one enjoying more of their new domestic lifestyle than Felicity. Felicity, still completely in love with him isn’t as savvy as a housewife (girlfriend) than she is on the keyboard. We’re surprised to see that Oliver is prepared to put a ring on it…which caused the Olicity fandom explosion!

Oliver is about to propose to Felicity when an unexpected guest arrives!

Great timing guys!

Thea and Laurel are seeking help from the Arrow since they’ve encountered a new, more dangerous threat in Starling City, now called Star City in honor of Ray Palmer who was “killed” last season.

Since Oliver and Felicity departed 5 months ago, the team have continued to protect the city. Thea (Speedy), Laurel (Black Canary) and Digg have managed to help the people of the city until new players known as “ghost” become a bit more difficult to deal with.

Oliver and Felicity return to Star City to help the team sort out the threat and head back to their comfort lives in the suburbs. Only it doesn’t quite turn out they way the planned.

With the Digg still angry at Oliver for his betrayal last season, it becomes difficult to work together. Thea begins to feel the Lazarus pit’s side effects, in short term she’s turning bat shit crazy! Felicity was named CEO of Palmer Tech and is finding that being boss isn’t as rewarding as she had pictured.

With the team trying to get back into the groove, Damian Darhk reveals he’s proudly the one causing chaos in Star City.

New things are happening this season that I’m very excited to see! Not only does Oliver get a new suit but as well as a new name.

That’s right! He’s finally The Green Arrow! Digg finally has a suit, will we see that he too will get a name? Not a fan of his concealment since it looks too much like Magneto’s helmet. I am although happy their giving him something to hide his identity from enemies.

Magic is being introduced, so far we’ve seen what Damian can do. Something a bit different than Meta-humans.

Mr. Terrific has arrived! Well he isn’t Mr. Terrific yet but Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum) character is introduced and working along side Felicity at Palmer Tech. Never thought that someone could beat Felicity at her nerdy tendency, other than Ray, but Curtis does have a way with his sentence fragments.

Just as episode 1 is about to end, yeah season premiere, they have a flashforward 6 months, which is season finale timing, to a grave with a very upset Oliver. We don’t see whose grave it is but we see the expression on Oliver’s face and know it’s someone he loves deeply. Just then Barry makes an appearance and apologizes for missing the funeral.

Okay, anyone whose a fan of the show ESPECIALLY Olicity fans, FREAKED THE FUCK OUT! It’s Felicity! No it can’t be here! Please!! Yeah you get the conversation I was repeating in my head over and over again.

I went back and searched as a normal human being. I was reading some of the fans comments some say its not Felicity its Thea’s or Digg or even Lance. Now we might be in denial and it is felicity, which would probably mean there will be a riot. One I would likely be a part of.
I had to stop and think not as a fan but as an observer. I had to put in mind my theory as a writer would.
Now if you watch The Walking Dead or even Game of Thrones you would know no one is safe in the show. No matter the fan favorites or big story they may have, everyone is killable. Which makes our lives miserable because we get so attached to the characters, but it is important and its what keeps us watching at the end of every episode.

Now I know the show is based on the comics but isn’t ready relatively exactly like it, meaning some characters may have a different back story then in the comic. Or not even be in the comics…like Digg and Felicity.

Now I have my theory one with much regret and pain it causes my poor little heart it might be Felicity’s grave OR Oliver’s son whom he’s yet know about and meet.

A lot of the comments suggest its Thea’ grave but think about it, why would they kill her and then bring her back to kill her off? Seems a bit of a waste.
Sadly, that burning question won’t be answered until the season finale.

On a more positive note, Digg and Oliver rekindle their friendship, after Digg entrust Oliver with his secret mission regarding the murder of his brother.

Laurel finds out about the Lazarus Pit and uses that information to bring back Sarah from the dead. Laurel and Thea head to Nanda Parbat with Sarah’s coffin. Malcolm, now the new Ra’s Al Ghul, warns Laurel that even if Sarah comes back from the dead, she would not be the same.

You go in dead or close to dead like Thea, and come out like the Exorcist.

Felicity and Oliver have pretty much switched places. Felicity now has to come up with lame excuses to her coworker Curtis, just like Oliver first did with Felicity in season 1. I loved seeing that!

Oliver decides to run for mayor of Star City, since everyone whose ever run has been killed. Using that opportunity Oliver also surprises the group with a new lair 3.0.

Just as we begin to feel like the group is settling down a new twist emerges.

Detective Lance is working with Damian! When Oliver finds out and goes off on him, bravo performances by the way, Lance reveals that he wishes to get out. Oliver than comes up with a plan that involves Lance playing double agent.

It’s crazy that it’s only been 4 episodes in and so much has already happened! Arrow is all new tonight at 8pm on the CW!



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