Clockwork Prince Book Review!

Clockwork Angel was a great introduction to Tessa Gray, the protagonist, as well as a look into the Shadowhunter lives before The Mortal Instruments present day. Clockwork Prince being the sequel, you would expect to learn more and continue to follow Tessa’s journey.

What caught me off guard was the fact that I felt more involved with Will’s story. Considering how Angel ended in total suspense, Will’s secret was going to be answered in this book. However, it was way more than the reveal itself.

Yes, you finally find out why he was always out long hours of the night, his will to keep people at a distance, and his sudden friendship with Magnus. But what made it more interesting was what he did after he found out the information he had been seeking for five years.

You are still following the same aspects of Angel, with Tessa trying to learn her place in the world, while trying to help the Shadowhunters track her own living family down. Nate is still at large and working with the one person the Shadowhunters want, and the same man who wants Tessa more than anything.

Tessa had began to irritate me with her lusting over Will and Jem, until I had a moment of realization. Tessa is like every girl on this planet! Tessa’s close relationship to Jem did create some romantic feels, especially from someone as kind as he is. However, again like every girl, when a bad boy who flirts with you on and off, you can’t help but feel a bit of irritating and confused with a female boner!

Will struggles in keeping people at arm’s length, especially when he cares deeply for them. So when he and Tessa manage to converse privately, of course sparks fly. Just like any man whose awake, he turns away just as she beings to feel something for me.

Tessa is torn between the two boys, and as a reader, or me, I scream out that she should be with Will. It’s a very stressful situation!

Will’s story wasn’t the only one I felt drawn to. Charlotte and Henry’s relationship was incredibly moving!  Charlotte is strong character that I definitely admire. Having the responsibilities of an institute that has always been run by men, shows how strong will she is. Charlotte deals with a lot of discrimination as a woman. This is the part where your feminist juices start flowing!

There was a betrayal that I kind of saw coming but an announcement that shocked me, as well as a new relationship that seems to fit perfectly.

What I wishes the first to two books did, was grab my attention as The Mortal Instruments did. What I will say, is that the last hundred pages or so got me hooked. Wish it started out that way. One book left of the series and I hope it ends on a high note, answers all the questions, and most importantly, with a happy ending.





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