Star Wars: The Force Awakens Movie Review (Spoilers)

Alright it’s the new year which means…spoiler talk for The Force Awakens!

So here’s your warning! If you haven’t yet watched the movie…there’s something wrong with you. 

But if you seriously haven’t seen go check out my spoiler-free review of the film here • <a href=””>Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Spoiler-free) •

Okay, warnings over, time for the good stuff!

The scroll begins  and the first thing it says, “Luke has gone missing.” I immediately knew that he couldn’t be Kylo Ren, because based on the trailer, which only shows the back of Ren’s head, and knowing Adam Driver was going to be him, that Luke has couldn’t be a bad guy in this. Or could he?

Luke is missing and Leia, who isn’t called Princess but General, is the leader of the Resistance and sends someone to retrieve an important piece that may lead them to Luke.

From the first trailer everyone assumed that the desert we first see John Boyega’s character pop up, is Tattoine, when in fact it’s a planet called Jakku.

The movie started like I wanted it too! Little dialog then, BAM! ACTION-TOPIA! Oscar Issac plays Poe Dameron, who was sent by Leia to retrieve the piece from Max Von Sydow’s character. With the help of his droid friend, BB-8, Poe will help the Resistance from Luke.

Watching I was like…Star Wars, the original! We come face to mask with Kylo Ren! Kylo Ren confronts Max Von Sydow and we realize they have a history with each other, when Sydow tells him that he’s known him before he called himself Kylo Ren.

We wonder, who exactly is this guy? Hopefully in the next film or the last we could get some answers as to how Max Von Sydow fits in the story. I say next film because Kylo straight up lightsader’s him! Horrific yet awesome scene comes after, when Poe tries shooting Ren and he stops him with the force.

However, it isn’t the force we’re use to! It’s a similar yet updated force! This dude stops the bolt in mid-air! Some goes when he stops Poe and Rey, like some un-natural force.

Rey (Daisy Ridley) a scavenger from Jakku meets BB-8, who tells her that he is on a classified mission. Rey reveals she is waiting for her family to return for her. You definitely see that she has been waiting for a while.



Back at Starkiller, the based for the First Order, a stormtrooper by the name FN-2187, has a change of heart. He suddenly realizes the First Order are nothing more than murderers. Wanting out, he needs a pilot for his escape. Poe, being a captive and greatest pilot in the galaxy, he springs him out.

Poe accepts and follows the stormtrooper, and he ends up naming Finn (John Boyega). I’m watching the scene and realize that within the 5 minutes they meet they’ve  establish this brotherhood friendship that the prequels couldn’t quite do. Poe and, now Finn, are hit by Tie fighters and end up crashing back at Jakku.

Rey and BB-8 meet Finn, and believe that he is a Resistance fighter, to which he plays along. They are then chased and end up in the Millennium Falcon, where Rey, herself pilots.

Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Chewie return back on the Falcon and meet Rey, Finn and BB-8. I loved how Han tells them that Luke disappeared when a fellow pupil of his went to the Dark Side. Filled with regret, he up and vanished. This was where we start putting things together. Kylo Ren was obviously his student and turned on him.


Han takes them to Maz Kanata (Lupita Nyong’o) for guidance. Rey finds Luke’s lightsader and she sees Kylo’s flashback, or Luke’s or herself’s, it isn’t really clear. Rey is distressed, Maz tells her that the lightsader is calling to her.

She’s definitely intuned with the force but with some much pain she saw while she touched the lightsader, she flees.

Kylo Ren is ordered by Snok via hologram and we learn that Han Solo is Kylo Ren’s father. Snok tells him that he needs to test himself and the power of the Dark Side. Kylo Ren/Ben Solo praises Darth Vader’s burnt mask and asks for guidance. You see that he wants to be like his grandfather but reveals that he feels like he being pulled into the light.

We see how it affected Leia’s and Han’s relationship when their son turned to the dark side. That was definitely something we haven’t seen before. Anakin’s mother die while he was rescuing her, so seeing the impact it had was truly heartbreaking.

Before I even watched the movie, I believed that Rey was Leia’s and Han’s daughter, and up until she’s taken Han’s reaction to her wasn’t one of a father united with his daughter. Kylo Ren, however acts as if he knows her. In the cell where he keeps her locked up, we finally see what he looks like without his mask. Adam Driver does an amazing job as Kylo Ren, and you realize that he doesn’t look frighting at all. Yet, he was someone I wanted to see with Anakin but we didn’t get to see. His struggle and obsession towards the dark side was something that unfortunately lacked in the prequels.

Rey realizes her ability when she manages to look into the mind of Kylo Ren and sees that he is afraid that even with all the horrible attacks he participates, he will never be as strong as Vader.

Okay the most depressing scene of the whole movie is the Han Solo scene. Han confronts his son Ben/Kylo Ren, and tries to try to get him to come home. Kylo Ren tells him that he needs help from him to complete something. As soon as Han Solo walked towards the bridge I though, “Han Solo is going to die!”

To make it even more heart-wrenching, was that even after Ben Solo thrust the lightsaber into Han Solo, he glazes his cheek, because it’s still his son. After that I was like, “Kylo you’re a dick now and I hate you!”

We knew there was going to be a lightsaber fight because it was shown in the trailer. What I didn’t expect was the raw feeling it had. This wasn’t choreographed and the fight between Finn and Kylo Ren was just anger and survival. Finn, who did put up a fight, took a solid hit and gets his ass kicked.

The shocking moment was this right here!

The lightsaber Finn was using against Kylo Ren was far from Kylo, and starts using the force to get it. His trying and it finally shoots up and goes to Rey who was also using the force!

I’ve heard people were pissed off that this girl who has no training of the force or lightsaber combat, could beat someone who does. Think about it! I’m assuming Kylo Ren hasn’t had training in the Dark Side fighting since he betrayed Luke. All he was really do was act like he was all badass because he’s really the only Jedi left. He’s power was just based on fear! Then you bring in Rey, someone whose intuned with the force, which gives her an edge and she’s learned how to fight since she’s been left alone to survive.

Kylo Ren will definitely have a scar from the fight with Rey, and we hear Snok tell General Hux (Donhnall Gleeson) that he will finish his training. Rey finds Luke on the Jedi Temple and it wasn’t until I watched it the second time that I noticed that the island was mention when Kylo read Rey’s mind. Has she been there before or was it because she saw the map?

Another rumor that’s been circling around is that she is either Luke’s daughter, which I agree in, or she’s Obi-wan’s daughter, which is interesting.

I loved that their keeping all the bad guys for the next film and hopeful throughout the trilogy. The movie was beyond amazing the first, second, third, and forth…yes I’ve seen it four times and I’m pretty sure I go see it again!

The movie was everything I was expecting and so much more! The return of Star Wars and it’s better than ever!

Have you seen it?


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